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Which 65% ISO UK?


I've tried a number of Chinese mechanical keyboards over the years and know what I'm looking for: 60-65% with arrow keys. My current board is a Royal Kludge RK61 which is starting to die. I ordered a Royal Kludge RK61 pro with Cherry switches but I'm having trouble getting it shipped from China. With the lockdown I'm running the board through a KVM to a work laptop so now I'm more pressed to adopt the ISO UK layout. I want something as compact as possible, good build quality and preferably LED/RGB. Below are all the suitable options I've found.

   Ducky Mecha SF Radiant Series (limited edition) - I really like this one but ISO is TBA
   Durgod Hades 68 - ISO is supposed to be released this month
   Ducky Varmilo MIYA Pro Panda - gap between arrows and home keys, expensive for not having an aluminium case
   UK Majestouch MINILA Air 68 - I don't need wireless and don't like the top bit and indicator lights
   Leopold FC660M - clean design but no backlight
   Vortex Cypher 65% - clean design but no backlight

What did you end up going with? I am facing a similar dilemma.


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