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Some of you, old gang, remember those amazing times when games pulled you to your beloved beige PCs and you could dive in their colorful, pixelised worlds.
I started my adventure in late 80s with my first computer, Commodore 128, then few years later, got my first PC, 386SX 40MHz.
Those were the times.
I feel that nowadays, games have lost something. Of course they look amazing, have huge stories, unbelievable graphics, sound etc
But I do not feel that, what I felt playing games back in 80-90s. Personally I compare it to same feeling that covers cinematography - moveis from those years had that something. Today you won't feel the same - I think its because most movies back then covered stories that we never seen before, they were new, amazing, shocking at times. Today we can say we've seen everything and another new movie just shows other way/angle of same story.
I feel the same with games. Of course there are few gems, that come up with something new, but this is very rare and designers need to really prepare and come up with fresh ideas to make us say WOW...
So I decided to play old games, again. Some of them will be played for 10th time, some only a second time.
Wanted to share this with you and hear what you guys think about these games, have you played them, do you come back to your favourite titles, do you collect games in those sweet big boxes? Share with us what you got there  :thumb:

First game to tell about would be ALone in The Dark.
I have played it not a long ago and have to say it was great to see it again. Being older by almost 30 years, it was not that scary anymore, but still showed some potential to tickle me that way :)

At few times I had to google some solutions for it, as I wasn't sure what to do - but that was alwyas a thing with those adventure games, one of my favourite genres. Same as this horror-adventure one, like for example point&click adventure games were my favourite ones.
Have you guys palyed it back in the days? Did you like it?
I noticed something new about it when played this year - it wasn't that long, it felt right, story was layed in time long enough to give me fun, but not too long, to make it boring. Something that very often happens with modern games.

the feeels....


--- Quote from: phinix on Thu, 12 May 2022, 03:03:57 ---I feel that nowadays, games have lost something. Of course they look amazing, have huge stories, unbelievable graphics, sound etc

--- End quote ---

We're actually entering an era where TONS and TONS of games are being lost forever.
Too many require not just an activation server but a server in general to run and when those are shut down the games are dead. Not that most will be really lost as too many of them are just clones of each other. Do we need another battle royal or Fifa?

As for old games I still play Red Alert 2 on a regular basis.
Apparently some people are now using Wii and Chromebooks to play old games since they make great emulators for old console games.

the RA2 campaign or online ?

I still want to do a '98 PC build of the comp I really wanted as a kid specifically to have that environment available. Playing older games via DOS emu is rough sometimes, even today. Older parts are becoming increasingly rare and expensive though. Especially older GPUs, who would've thought boxed vintage GPUs would become a collectable?


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