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Ps2 to USB



I have an old Ps2 keyboard that I like and i want to convert to usb, I looked up the pin out of ps2 and usb, and wired it correctly.
When connected, the LEDs light up for a second then nothing happens, the computer doesn't receive the input.

the ps2 cable have 5 wires not just the usual 4 (5v, Gnd, Data, Clck) the fifth wire is white and on the other end all 5 wires are crimped into RJ12 plug.

Does anybody have any ideas why its not working and what the fifth wire is for?

Was it designed for PS2 and USB or was it just designed for PS2?

If it's only meant for PS2 it will not work with an active adapter, not a simple wire change.

I donít know how I can tell if itís ps2 only but, from its age I can assume it predates usb

Just changing the plug won't work. You need to convert PS/2 signals to USB. You can build your own or buy a ps/2 to USB convertor.


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