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This thread is for a group buy of a Vim escape key.

Key cap legend:

Key cap specs:

--- Code: ---Material: ABS
Legend type: insert molding (double shot)
Color: VCS (body), WA (legend)
Family: SA
Row: 1
Size: 1x1
Surface: S (semi-matte top and sides)
--- End code ---

Votes so far:
HaaTa: 2
gilgam: 2
keyboardlover: 1
Fwiffo: 2
hate: 4
n12: 1
NOMiS: 2
placebo guy: 2
inlikeflynn: 1
harrison: 1
daerid: 2
negidaku: 2
cgoldberg: 1
komar007: 1
DaemonRaccoon: 2
vhaar: 1
mtl: 4
Brodie337: 1
42.tar.gz: 2
blainchen: 2
paat: 1
gohu: 1
DrunkenDonut: 2
HaveANiceDay: 1

Total: 41

Cost per key: US$3.50
Shipping: Use Round 3 shipping options! (order key: VIM)

Original post follows.

I was thinking for the next group buy it would be cool to have a Vim escape key.  Maybe a good color for the key is whatever they chose for the shamrock key, unless there's something better. Would anyone be interested?

This is what the attached SVG looks like:

This is how it would look in white-on-green:

Update: A version with the whole name 'Vim' can be found on page 2:

This is the source image:

Hak Foo:
Personally, I'd say it should be the colon key


The colon isn't a bad idea, but it's clearly less powerful than ESC. Other noteworthy keys are H, J, K, L for navigation, I for insertion, D for deletion, and G for teleportation. However, ESC remains the key to rule all keys.

Definitely dig the white on green.

Someone should tell Haata, he would probably LOVE a key like this.


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