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Noodles and mmmty Taobao Group Buy 1

****************** Orders closed**********************
6/19/2011 - Invoices Sent
6/20/2011 - Order Sent and Paid

Deadline to pay invoices will be Wednesday Night 6/22/2011 or you will be taken off the list.

Good News and Bad news

Good: Everything being ordered is in stock
Good: Total Shipping to here is $65 dollars, so about $5 per person. That means overall shipping should average to $12-16
Good: The Shipping method is DHL air, so expect this to reach my house by next week and then to your respective residences soon after that.

Bad: Broker fee is 20% since the order is over $500[/B]

Sets available for ordering:

-  Space Bar - $1.50 | Modifiers - $6 | CS Keys - $6 | KBC ABS Ninja Keys - $5 | White Engraved PBT - $37

- 4 color choices for the spacebar, $1.50 only gets you one.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Blue

- 2 color choices for the Ninja-Style KBC ABS Keys.
Orange, Yellow

*expect shipping to be around $6-8 if you ordering my sets, about $10 if you are ordering an 104 key set. We can work something out on a case by case if you are only ordering 1 spacebar or a few keys
*also expect a broker fee of about 12-15% for each item you purchase since the only way we can purchase is by using an agent

- Space Bar:
- Modifiers:
- CS Keys:
- KBC Ninja Style Keys:
- KBC White Engraved:

*Spacebars not compatible with Steelseries or Cherry boards, will work on Ducky/Das/Filco/Poker etc.
* Important! KBC Ninja-style keys are ABS not PBT

Order List

noodles256: Orange Modifiers, Orange Spacebar, CS Keys Paid
reaper~: Orange Modifiers, Orange Spacebar, Orange KBC Ninja-style Set, White Engraved Set Partial refund
placebo guy: 5 Orange Spacebars, 5 Red Spacebars, 1 Orange Modifiers, 1 Yellow KBC Ninja-Style set, White Engraved Set Partial refund
Asp: Red Spacebar Paid
longzilla: Yellow KBC Ninja-Style set
dreamingftw: Orange Modifiers, Orange Spacebar, White Engraved Set Partial refund
mmmty: White Engraved Set refunded
leotnnz: White Engraved Set refunded
daerid: White Engraved Set refunded
jfaulken: White Engraved Set Not Paid/No Refund
Mallard: White Engraved Set Not Paid/No Refund
redpill: White Engraved Set refunded
White Engraved Set refunded
White Engraved Set refunded

- 1 white engraved


--- Quote from: noodles256;362474 ---- I will definitely be ordering these sets so wanted to ask if anyone wanted to hop on in.
*Preferably only US Buyers

- The Space Bar is only $1.50 and the Modifiers are about $6.

- Approximate total should be about $15.

- Will be able to give final price by next week after I get tally of orders.
- Deadline for posting interest will be Monday so I can email my Obook agent

- I will be ordering these around next Friday

- Space Bar:
- Modifiers:
--- End quote ---

Good luck with your group buy!

I see, instead of a mass order, you went for cheap Chinese. Chances are good that your keys ship faster from China than Round 3 from Wisconsin.

Are those ABS or PBT?

edit: I see now PBT, nvm ;)

yes, pbt

Do we get to pick a color? I'm interested in one set.


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