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[Group Buy] Moogle Kit 2: Supplement Cherry Double Shots

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Mee too.

Are these sets for keyboards with 1 or 2 windows keys? What type of spacebar? Can the OP be mention some examples of keyboard models this kit is compatible with?

Hey, cool to see we still have a decent amount of interest.  

I'm at work at the moment.  I am aware that different layouts are an issue.  This was intended as merely an extension of Moogle's final kit (likely two color options), but I will see what I can put together if requests are high enough for additional keys.

I will put up the specs later.  Thanks for your patience.

I am absolutely 100% interested. I'm only interested in one set of black with white legends and the closest to the Cherry fonts and positioning. Please count me in for the order.

(1)BLACK: white legends on black

EDIT: Preferences based on new design development:
Windows key: Slanted, left-justified
Caps Lock key: Option C Single-line "Caps Lock" without symbols

I would be in for 5 sets probably.


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