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[Group Buy] Ducky shining pre-order, arrived on 9/25 159.99+shipping , all 4 Switches

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Ducky tell me it will arrive on 9/25, payment(Via PayPal and fully cover by PayPal protection) and details on my website.

Discount might be offer depend on the amount of total order, the price list on the item is for individual order. I will refund if there is a discount, could be up to 10 dollars base on the destination of your order.

If you order more than one from my website, the shipping would adjust it by the time I shipped the order. It should have discount on Express shipping(apply the "addition one" price show on my website), stander shipping would not have shipping discount, because I can not send two board in one stander package. IF YOU DON'T GET A DISCOUNT CORRECTLY, PLEASE E-MAIL ME OR PM ME, I WILL LOOK IT UP.

And, if you are worry about Tax or fees (when you order more than one keyboard and NOT in U.S. or U.K), contact me AFTER you read the shipping guide on my webpage or eBay store, I would see what can I do for you.

And, you might leave a note on my website order with you geek ID, if you wish to, it would help me if you need contact me on the forum. Otherwise, I would send you e-mail.    

limited stock, hurry up.

Free to contact me for detail.

Some details about the board, the picture give you most correct information.

Note: My version come WITHOUT those "Chinese" on the Caps, only Letter!  

1. It is full size.
2. LED lights
4. "Double shot" ABS caps-----They said is super ABS hard to wear out.
5. Adjustable respond time for gaming.
6. Choose from Blue/Black/Brown/Red switches.

By 9/12, total two 4 boards were ordered.

I only buy tenkeyless so guess I'll have to wait. =(

Ducky shine tkl? Thought they were goin to start with the 104 version.

He made a mistake.  It is only 104 version for now.

Yes, unless you have some good news for us about the tenkeyless, qtan.  Need confirmation before we buy. =D


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