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[GB]Portal Function + Esc 13 Key PBT Dye Sublimated key group buy (ORDER THREAD)

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Orders are now closed, invoices have been sent out and Order goes in on Monday the 17th of Oct. Expect them to arrive about a month from then.

Okay, while this group buy may look very similar to the SC2 keycap group buy, we're doing something quite different here. This order is for a set of 13 white PBT keycaps with mostly black legends except a few splashes of tasteful and appropriate color.

This group buy will work similarly to my other thread, where I will not be collecting money until after orders are closed. That saves me the hassle of asking for more or refunding money if demand isn't what I estimate it to be. I expect that we will be getting about 100 orders but I'm not sure. Anyways, on to the buy:

You are buying THESE:
Now with a much better rendering!

They will be in WFJ, a pure, crisp, neutral white. These will have more detail than doubleshots will ever be capable of, and pretty collectible too.

The discussion thread can be found here.

These are Row 1 "ESC" sized and will fit any and all keycaps in the top row of your keyboard- provided you have a Cherry MX Keyboard. No, these aren't for Topres, sorry. I know, I died a little inside and I don't even have a Topre anymore. EK wanted it back etc. Long story. Maybe someday. Membranes, don't even ask. No really, please I beg you, just don't.

Rules and Notes

Payment by Paypal only, do not order if you do not have a verified account yet, and get one if you want these.

Country must be specified with your order, US, CAN or whatever country you're in.

My time is not free, I'm orchestrating this group buy because I want these keys myself, but I cannot be asked to spend the great deal of time that this requires without some compensation. I feel it's pretty reasonable for me to ask for $1 out of the shipping cost as a handling fee. That isn't any great deal of profit but I think that's pretty fair since anyone else could have stepped up and run this show and nobody did. This has already been discussed and the feedback I've gotten has been positive so if you have any complaints please enjoy the round 4 ordering process. :flypig:

I will be ordering extras, how many depends on our total orders and quantity discounts, but there will be extras, and I plan on getting a lot of them. However to encourage and reward everyone for buying them in the group buy itself, expect them to be marked up if you are buying leftovers. See, I told you I was a business student. XD

Reddit link!


US/Canada buyers
1. Specify how many sets you want in both a response to this thread and a PM. I am tallying orders from PMs, not from responses to this thread. The only difference between your reply and PM is that you include your email in the PM. I will be sending the Paypal invoice to this email. When you get that email, please pay immediately, there won't be much time if you want to get these by December.
     -The PM should also include which country you are in, US or Canada etc. State or province doesn't matter since I'm just going to flat rate everything as much as possible. Please put Portal somewhere in the PM title. You can edit your order as many times as you want up until orders close and invoices start going out. Just be sure to send another pm and indicate somewhere in it that you want to change an order and it isn't a new one.

2. Check for your name in the list of confirmed orders in this Original Post (hereafter referred to as "the OP" like hopefully everyone else does.) Expect it to be updated generally within 24 hours, if you don't see it, I haven't gotten your order yet and you need to repost/resend your PM. If I didn't add you to the list it may be because YOU DID IT WRONG. So double check you shiz and make sure it's correct before resending. I will try my best to respond back to clear up any confusion but don't count on it.

3. Wait for the orders to close, and when they do, expect an email from me asking for payment. I'm going to be calculating everyone's individual cost via a really cool excel doc I've whipped up and it's kinda what my major is so there shouldn't be any errors. Nevertheless, if you do the math based upon the final count in the OP and calculate your cost to be different, then respond ASAP to clear it up. When you pay the invoice, be sure to include in there somewhere your shipping address you'd like it shipped to. I'm almost certain Paypal lets you do that with invoices and not just sending payments etc.

4. Wait for keycaps to show up. I will update the OP as needed to indicate the progress of the orders. Including a mass picture of all the keycaps before I send them. Should look awesome.

5. ????????

6. Continue Testing

International orders are no longer limited at this time. I have worked out a set reasonable shipping options that I have detailed in the shipping and handling section. Feel free to now place your orders with PMs if all you did was respond to the thread. Do not forget to include your Paypal email and country with your order. Please do specify what kind of shipping you want if you are ordering internationally.


Set of 13 keys with Different colors:
25 sets          $22.75 / set
50 sets          $20.26 / set
75 sets          $19.42 / set
100 sets        $19.01 / set

Shipping + Handling

US: $6.00 ($5 + $1 handling) As it stands now I'll be using the $5 flat rate boxes which fit as many as a hundred keys and I'll be sure to stuff them with packing material so they don't bounce everywhere. Don't worry, no giant Amazon inflated air baggy crap.

Canada: ~$7-8 US dollars. ($6-7 +$1 handling) Canada's dollar about on par right now but who knows what it'll be tomorrow. I've yet to get a final price quote on Canadian shipping but expect it to be around there.

International: $10 Bubble envelope, $15 flat rate box. Please specify which you want when ordering. I have made it to the post office to determine accurate pricing for international shipments. I will go ahead and buy a pack of bubble envelopes and offer an alternative to the flat rate boxes I'll be using for most everything else. However, the bubble envelope is not flat rate, and prices could vary from $3 to $12, depending on the weight and country mailed to. Germany, where more than one buyer is located, is on the cheaper end for example, as I tested with some of my own keycaps and an envelope they had on hand. In spite of knowing that, I'm going to just charge $10 for everyone to balance out the variability in cost so I don't lose money, and I feel $10 is pretty reasonable for international shipping and I am going to have to mess around with all sorts of different prices and locations like I didn't want to do and why I originally limited international orders. Delivery will be within 6-10 days for the flat rate, and 10-15 days for the bubble mailers. The bubble mailers will probably only hold around 40 keys, while the flat rate boxes somewhere around 100 from what I've heard. For that reason some people who are ordering large quantities, particularly combined with multiple Portal keycap orders may be forced to use the $15 flat rate. This is in line with what was discussed all along and I hope nobody has any objections... if you do well then, sorry. You can cancel your order at any time, just send me another PM.

Important note for shipping in all instances: If you are buying from both my group buys my goal is to try and get them delivered at the same time so I can ship them out together, combining shipping and saving you money. The only thing you pay for both is the handling charge, so if you're buying both, just take whatever the normal shipping fee is for either buy, and then add a dollar to it.

Paypal fees:
3% of $40 is $1.20 and I don't expect many orders to be above that, so everyone please just pay the fee and do not gift the money. This is for your protection only. It gives you more rights as a buyer and me less headaches if anything goes wrong. If something unfortunate happens then I'm like to just refund you your money. If you really need that extra dollar, fine, its not like I'm going to rip you off just because you want to save a buck or less. I'm an honest guy and would like this to go well and do more of them in the future.

Anyways its the same as the SC2 group buy, 3% + $0.30 for their various fees.

Order Format

Sample order format

Quantity followed by country and anything else you want to say (email if it's the PM) after.


2 x Portal Keyset

Country: US

(if international, specify which shipping you want)


Thats about all I can think of right now, but I'm sure I'll add more to it later. Keep an eye on this post for updates. They will be bolded and colored blue from here on to indicate that it's new.

Order counter:

Portal Keysets - 94

Confirmed Order list:

Son of Gnome
Placebo Guy
Boxed Soup

Total Buyers: 68

1 set - with color, USA

1x Portal Set

Country: USA

do we PM now or later?

F u r u y :
1 Set, with all the colors

Country: Brazil

2 x Portal keyset with color

Country: US


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