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[GB] 🌞🌊 KAM Ocean Front 🌞🌊 GB Closed, all kits will be made!

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KAM Ocean Front

Hello guys, this is my first set of keycaps called Ocean Front in KAM profile.

The set is based on a beach in the mediterranean sea, to really capture that sunny summer vibe!

You can go true to nature with shiny High Gloss water caps, and a rough textured beach or you can go uniform with a full textured / matte set for a nice typing experience.
You buy each set individually, so if you're not sure wich one is best for you, you can buy an extra water set for not that much extra :)

I tried some different things with the set like multi-keycaps modifiers, different textures. and enough novelties to cover a macropad, or rearrange your own pattern with the shells.

The kits are split into 3 parts.

(kit A) = Sand ( Always Matte / Textured )
(kit B) = Water (High Gloss / Smooth)
(kit C) = Water ( Matte / Textured )

this way one can mix and match to his own liking.

So for a full set you Buy either A + B ( Sand Matte + Glossy Water) or A + C (Sand Matte + Matte Water). Or every set if you want a full set with both the textured matte water caps and smooth glossy water caps ( A+B+C ).

(kit A) =  Always Matte / Textured

(kit B) High Gloss / Smooth

(kit C)  Matte / Textured

Icon mods

Text mods

40 kit
40's Diagonal Glossy

40's Straight Matte



Alpha kit
Matte - Glossy

TKL Icon mods
Matte - Glossy

TKL Text mods
Matte - Glossy

Matte - Glossy


Ortho kit
Matte - Glossy

-2 possible layouts!

ErgoDox Kit
Matte - Glossy

2 possible layouts!

North ISO kit
Matte - Glossy

UK ISO kit
Matte - Glossy

Spacebar kit
Matte - Glossy



Pantone Match

Glossy Caps coming soon

Pantone Color Bridge Coated(glossy) / Uncoated(matte)
From Dark to Light.

Sea Dark 1:   Pantone 3155
Sea Dark 2:   Pantone 3145
Sea Light 3:   Pantone 3135
Sea Light 4:   Pantone 3125

Sand Dark:       Pantone 7508
Sand Medium:  Pantone 7507
Sand Light:      Pantone 7506

Text on Water: Pantone White
Text on Sand: Pantone 7511

Pink Caps: Pantone 1625
Text on pink: Pantone White

Vendors and GB Date

Date: 2 June 2021 -> 3 July 2021
Estimated shipping date: Q2 2022


[Keyhive][AlphaKeys][Funkeys][MyKeyboard][Daily Clack][Protozoa][Rectangles]CurrencyUSDUSDUAHEURAUDGBPINRAlphas C$29,00$29,00грн.820,0029,00$41,0024,50₹2.800,00Alphas B$29,00$29,00грн.820,0029,00$41,0024,50₹2.800,00Alphas A$13,00$13,00грн.370,0013,00$19,0011,00₹1.250,00Ergodox C$29,00$29,00грн.820,0029,00$41,0024,50₹2.800,00Ergodox B$29,00$29,00грн.820,0029,00$41,0024,50₹2.800,00Ergodox A$29,00$29,00грн.820,0029,00$41,0024,50₹2.800,00North ISO C$14,00$14,00грн.400,0014,00$20,0011,90₹1.350,00North ISO B$14,00$14,00грн.400,0014,00$20,0011,90₹1.350,00North ISO A$18,00$18,00грн.510,0018,00$26,0015,20₹1.750,00Novelties C$24,00$24,00грн.680,0024,00$34,0020,30₹2.300,00Novelties B$24,00$24,00грн.680,0024,00$34,0020,30₹2.300,00Novelties A$12,00$12,00грн.340,0012,00$17,0010,10₹1.150,00Numpad$18,00$18,00грн.510,0018,00$26,0015,20₹1.750,0040s/Ortho C$40,00$40,00грн.1.130,0040,00$57,0033,90₹3.900,0040s/Ortho B$40,00$40,00грн.1.130,0040,00$57,0033,90₹3.900,0040s/Ortho A$25,00$25,00грн.710,0025,00$36,0021,20₹2.400,00Spacebars C$21,00$21,00грн.600,0021,00$30,0017,80₹2.000,00Spacebars B$21,00$21,00грн.600,0021,00$30,0017,80₹2.000,00TKL Icon Mods C$18,00$18,00грн.510,0018,00$26,0015,20₹1.750,00TKL Icon Mods B$18,00$18,00грн.510,0018,00$26,0015,20₹1.750,00TKL Icon Mods A$29,00$29,00грн.820,0029,00$41,0024,50₹2.800,00TKL Text Mods C$18,00$18,00грн.510,0018,00$26,0015,20₹1.750,00TKL Text Mods B$18,00$18,00грн.510,0018,00$26,0015,20₹1.750,00TKL Text Mods A$29,00$29,00грн.820,0029,00$41,0024,50₹2.800,00UK ISO C$9,00$9,00грн.260,009,00$13,007,60₹900,00UK ISO B$9,00$9,00грн.260,009,00$13,007,60₹900,00UK ISO A$7,00$7,00грн.200,007,00$10,005,90₹700,00
Custom Cable by ZeusWorks
In collaboration with ZeusWorks, we created the perfect braided cable to go with KAM Ocean Front!

Now available from his website!

To keep up with the project on discord, click here

Special thanks to

* Swishy - from the Keycap Designer discord
* Lizcuits for the renders! - from the Keycap Designer discord
* DevilZ Nerfworks and Ulliam for awesome help with novelties
* Dvorcol for the MOQ graphs!

Approved :thumb:

Are those keyboard renders or actual photos on the boards?

interesting concept matte vs gloss.... how is this achieved? abs vs pbt? or some kind of coating on the caps?


--- Quote from: nevin on Wed, 02 June 2021, 16:12:17 ---interesting concept matte vs gloss.... how is this achieved? abs vs pbt? or some kind of coating on the caps?

--- End quote ---

It's a smooth PBT, while the matte/textured is a normal PBT. I have no clue how they do it haha.
--- Quote from: pears on Wed, 02 June 2021, 16:10:43 ---Are those keyboard renders or actual photos on the boards?

--- End quote ---

Those are Renders, I really have to thank lizcuits once again for the awesome job!


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