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Fjell Classic

Changes from round 2: reduced price, reduced shipping fee, reduced fulfillment time, better quality control, same great packaging

Shipping: February 2019, may be delayed slightly due to CNY. March 2019 is the latest possible shipping month.

Limited quantities, however we have a lot more available spots.

Price: $299+ shipping

Plate: $30


A Fjell case

A Brass Core with a custom serial number

Screws and high quality rubber feet

Exclusive packaging that can be used for freight and storage


This is a hefty case with a ton of good reviews! If you have any questions, please ask, or ask a Fjell customer of their opinion :)


Opening soon, buy here.


Typing test, thanks to macclack:


Have a merry christmas / great holiday everyone!

Thanks for your interest in Mekanisk products :)

What a gift  :eek:  Any word on fjell pro?


--- Quote from: metalliccharles on Sun, 23 December 2018, 13:54:42 ---What a gift  :eek:  Any word on fjell pro?

--- End quote ---

Fjell Pro was supposed to be done over a year ago. I have the sample in my hands, however I realize that there is more engineering involved that I am capable of doing right now. It works at it is, however I want the mounting method to compete with all other options on the market, and that requires more work. I would say it is 60% done design-wise.



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