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Della 960 - TKL F13 WKL (14/07/2023 - Prototype picture Update)

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 Hello, I'm DELLA KEY from South Korea.

Allow me to introduce myself.

 My life begins as a mechanical research engineer for automobile lamps.

 I have serveral experiences as the lamp designer & engineer in various automoblie projects. (Genesis, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, BMW, etc.)

but the eager to make something creative & unique leaded me to leave my job. so I have dived to artisan's world. 

 While working as an artisan maker, I have felt a huge thirst for mechanical design. Because my roots are mechanical design researchers.

This is a project to achieve my own dream.

This was originally intended for self made board. so I never mind to hold GB.

I just wanna create a great piece of art that chases perfect design in mechanical keyboard.

 Yea, We are artisan maker, but are also one of keyboard enthusiast. we have an eager to make our own keyboard with our design language.

First of all we have found what is the best feeling to us.

(Prototype picture)


* Spec Details
* Assembly Layout
* Render
* Photos
* Information
* Development Story
* Development Log

1. Spec Details

* Layout : F13 TKL (WKL Only)
* Material
  - Top Piece & Mid Piece : 6063 Aluminum(Cream white E-coat)
  - Bottom Piece : Full copper (anti-corrosion coating and Ceramic Clear Coated)
* Plate Material : Aluminum
* Case Angle : 9°
* Front Height : 17.5mm
* Case Size :
* Estimated Weight : 5.2Kg built
* PCB : Solder Only (H88nu North Facing)     (H88nu Layout)

2. Assembly Layout

3. Render

4. Photos


this is a first prototype.

Please consider that this is a rough prototype.
The second prototype will be built with additional mechanical design improvements.
I will upload additional build photos when the substrate arrives.



5. Information

* Price : Not determined (about 1000~1500 USD)
* Selling Method : Not determined (about 30~50 units.)
* Vender : Not determined
* Schedule : Not determined

6. Development Story

0. We focus more on elegance and luxury than efficiency
The curve is a backbone of our design

We already plan to make our artisan tray, Sanctuary, it has elegant Curve at the side.

The pressure of large and heavy curve makes me feel comfortable. I like the visual impression and the solid feeling comes from the curve.

A Grand piano, whale’s belly, the horizon, Osanbashi Hall in Yokohama, Japan, and opera house in Sydney, such things inspire to our work.

I tried to incorporate the grand, elegant curves into our design while maintaining the classic exterior of the keyboard.

1. must be Top Mounted
 - we prefer Clacky, and clean sound like 456gt, Orion by duck, Jane V2 ME

2. There should be only Aluminum without any material underneath the PCB
- if there’s only aluminum under the PCB, the board makes more clacky sound  like the Keycult, and Jane V2 ME.

3. Front height & Typing angle should be under 18mm / 10°
 - they are the most comfortable spec for typing with long time.

4. Heavier than 4.5kg for weight
- the heavy weight makes stable, profound, and low echo
- also it emphasizes the board's own sound. the heavy board is less affected by other environments such as deskmat, desk's thickness, etc...

5. The bolt hole should be unvisible at all side of the board
 - The bolt hole is not an attractive factor to the perfection of our board.

(To implement screwless design, Geon's feet format fits to ours. but we rearranged it little to prevent the Vibration between board & desk.

 The feet’s contacting points with the desk get minimized for less echo.

 In order to follow our unique design language and minimize contacting point, the feet is also curved shape. The edges of both side are slightly higher than center. so only 4 edges of the long feet contact with the desk.)

6. The JST cable should position beneath the mid piece to hide.
 - I am not in favor of other substances or parts (daughter board wires/parts made of other materials) under the pcb. they they usually bother to make clear sound via irregular reflection of sound.

7. Development Log

- waiting for 1st Prototype


Holy hell that price. I can see it being higher, but maybe I'm missing something.

I'm gonna need a stronger desk.

I think this keyboard is special.

thicc. GLWIC


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