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I would like if the 'Logout' button was on the right side of the red bar, ie, not next to the spy button. I've hit the logout button so many dang times  when I've meant to hit the spy button, especially when I am on my phone. Anyway, Thanks mods for all your hard work!

Would it be possible to rename the interest checks subforum to something more appropriate? I was thinking along the lines of "vendor advertisements" and then forcing everyone who actually wants to get feedback on their projects merge to "building stuff together" area of the site.

Add "post count spamming" to be against the TOS. We have new members that just go into every thread in a subforum and post 2 or 3 words (like "Looks great!") and offer nothing more. It clogs up the recent posts page and adds literally nothing to the conversation. Perhaps new users can be post limited even more (4 minute cool down or something reasonably oppressive) as you likely shouldn't be posting on 12 threads within 15 minutes.



--- Quote from: KMPLSV on Mon, 01 June 2020, 08:20:15 ---my suggestion is that there should be two separate group buy categories. one category for GBs that have ended and have moved into the manufacturing/qc/shipping phases and one category for GBs that are still going or haven't started yet.

it's very frustrating when you are looking for GBs that haven't run yet or are still open, only to find ones that you really like and see that they ended a year ago.

--- End quote ---

What gets me the most is when you see a thread and it has "GB IS LIVE" or whatever in its name. You open it up and it was like 2 years ago and some dude just bumped it for no reason. If its too much hassle to move threads around, can we make it mandatory to reflect actual status in the name?

The interest check / group buy forum needs to be split into 3 sub forums:
1. keyboards
2. keycaps
3. everything else

all these keycap sets drown out everything else and make it a chore to find things


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