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Hi everyone, I am looking for a new keyboard and I have narrowed it down to either the Quickfire Rapid or the KBT Pure.  I am leaning towards brown or red switches. I couldn't stand my Logitech g11 anymore.

I want the keyboard to be small because I don't have that much space on my desk. I will mainly be using it for programming and using it in conjugation with a Wacom tablet, and some gaming. I game maybe 4 nights a week for 2-4 hours.

Is there a reason to get one over the other besides the over branding on the Quickfire? Is the build quality better on the quickfire, I hear it is made by the same company as Filco. Is the Pure plate mounted or PCB mounted? Is the Pure any good for gaming?

Thanks in advance and sorry if these are stupid questions.

Welcome to Geekhack and you can't really go wrong with either one.  Having own both, personally I prefer smaller form factor which is the Pure. =P

I love how reaper is the official GH greeter! Wish I could keep up and welcome all these noobs/lurkers

Someone gotta do it.  I don't want our new members to feel unwelcome. =P

Welcome Ragnar! I've never used a Pure but the QF Rapid is a solid board.

And definitely an important role you got there reaper.


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