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Well Helloooooooo


Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to the underground realm of mechanical keyboards. I just ordered my first mechanical, a Das with blue switches, waiting for it to get here on Tuesday. Just trying to get my feet wet and see what I like and Das seemed like a good starter board. Been lurking random areas of interest for mechanicals since geekhack has been down, but I figured now that it's up that I'd say hi!

I do mostly school work on my keyboards, but also do a good bit of gaming such as counter-strike, league of legends, and world of warcraft.

Anywho, hopefully I'll learn a lot here and I'll see you guys around on the forums.

you might be forcing ppl to mute you if you game on cherry blues if you use voice chat.

Yeah it was a concern. Das has a 30 day guarantee so I'll probably swap it for a brown if it's really annoying people. I didn't have a chance to sample a brown, but I tried a blue and loved it, so my final decision came to just ordering a blue and giving it a try.

Nothing wrong with blues :)

Welcome to Geekhack!


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