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Hi everyone!

I am also new here, also from Deskthority! I bought my first mechanical keyboard (Razor Blackwidow) about half a year ago and really liked the mx blues. I really got into it keyboards and modding them when I saw the N52te/Nostromo cherry mod (already taken mine apart now trying to decide which switches to put in it). AlsoI recently bought a fairly cheap Thermaltake meka with mx blacks to try some new switches. I think I prefer the blacks over the blues but am currently looking for something in between (browns or clears) and a compact keyboard with a layout that is not as terrible as the mekas. I'm thinking: choc mini, HPE 87, Keycool 87 or 84.

welcome to GH !
You must have pretty strong fingers going for blacks

Blacks aren't thaaat tough :< I use blacks daily lol.

I think there was a keycool 84 with clears in it that was like, a special edition or something on Taobao. You should get it if you're thinking of trying clears. :)

Welcome to gh~

Welcome to Geekhack and black switches ftw!  ;D


--- Quote from: reaper on Thu, 26 July 2012, 09:35:08 ---Welcome to Geekhack and black switches ftw!  ;D

--- End quote ---

You like black switches?! Play Amnesia with me.


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