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Hey GH!

Found you guys through some friends on TL and have been loving checking out what you guys are brewing over here.  Can't wait to expand the old custom keycap setup.

I would be more interested in the groupbuys for full sets, but the SP profiles don't match the ones that came with my Ducky and I'm kinda partial to the orginals.  I'd love to intersperse keys with them, but heights have to match.  Other than WADS and qtan's line of stuff, who releases stuff with full profiles offhand?

At any rate, keep up the good work!  I'll throw my hat in the ring soon enough

Welcome to Geekhack!  And can't wait to see what you have cooked up for keycaps design.  ;)

Welcome Kronen!  Off the top of my head, Ducky caps are OEM profile (which qtan carries), most of NIQMODs caps are OEM profile, and clickclacks are OEM profile (these might take some time or $$ to acquire!)

Poor reaper dealing with all my PMs.  :-[ Thank you again sir!

Ahh ok, OEM profile is the name for it.  And cherry profile is the standard lower profile supported by SP and others?  You wouldn't happen to know offhand if WASD was OEM profile as well perhaps?

Think I may ask around.  Thank you for the info!  Me being a noob, I had never heard of NIQMODs.

Ps oh my goodness those ccs look amazing...  Don't think I could convince the better half about 50$ for one key though :-/....


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