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Hey all. I guess I'm not "in" this hobby yet since I still need to buy my first mechanical. I'm waiting to try some switches from a try before you buy over at deskthority. My experience with mechanicals is limited to a Kinesis Advantage that I found at my office. They bought it for an intern! Maybe I should take advantage of their generosity...

I just got into geekhack before the most recent hack, so I've been reading up on Deskthority and Reddit. I'm most interested in small form factor keyboards but am worried about the practicality of everyday use. Of course everyone needs a 2nd keyboard! And 3rd...and 4th...

the pure is shockingly practical. the fn layer is well thought out, and they've fixed the poker's most major oversight -- the esc/tilde bug. this comment only really applies though if your major workload is vim and bash. ymmv otherwise. the race and choc minis are also good layouts to consider.

welcome to geekhack!


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