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Sweet....I though I was alone!!!

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Fellow Peripheral Enthusiasts,

     I've been collecting boards and other computer peripherals for a little less than a year. It all got started when I found myself a new in box FK-2001 w/ Windows Keys and a Wyse keyboard w/ MX Blacks. From there my collection and addiction skyrocketed ( ;) or plummeted depending if you're my wife ;) ).

     So here is my collection so far (the ones I can remember at least):

1- FK-2001 w/ White Simplified Alps and Windows keys
2- FK-2001 w/ White Complicated Alps
3- Wyse PCE w/ MX Blacks
4- Fujistu Peerless
5- Razer Blackwidow Ultimate
6- Cooler Master Quickfire
7- IBM Model M (x6)
8- Cherry G80-11900 (x2)
9- Filco Majestouch 2 w/ yellow keycaps
10- Laser keyboard w/ double shots
and 5 - 10 more that I can't remember right now. Including a bunch of older membrane keyboards I will be getting rid of soon.

   As you can already tell my collection has grown and I need to weed out some of them. I also just started using trackball mouse as well. Still new to the trackball world but I just bought myself the Microsoft Trackball Explorer and I am awaiting it's arrival.

   I look forward to chatting, buying, selling, and learning from my fellow geek hack members here in the near future.

Nice collection you got there (especially that Wyse with MX black).  Have a feeling you're gonna fit in just fine.  ;)

Nice collection and welcome. Wow. I been collection mechanical keyboards for 3-4 years and you have more than me.

6 Model M's! GAWK. I used to have that many but I sold most of them off.
You should get a Model F next. 100x times better than a Model M.
Great job so far.

you are far from alone. you're among friends now :D


Cool collection! And welcome :)


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