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Whiskey in the Jar-o:

--- Quote from: marrt;3211 ---Picture attached.
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Looks a lot like my Northgate Evolution, except I have the cursor keys and touchpad in the middle.  Wouldn't surprise me if they were made at the same factory.  BTW, my Evolution was made in 1995.  The cursor keys and touchpad in the middle are useful for offloading the right hand (which gives me the most trouble).

Here's an M15... (that's the FRU number)

I may or may not end up getting a 13H6705 (M13) from them (they list it as 13H6710)... they do have some, although I had made an offer on eBay (they're selling the M13s on eBay,) and they let the offer expire (but, IIRC, I put the offer in when they were closed.) I may call them and see...

Also, I just tried 13H6713 in IBM's part site, and it did come up with something, which is a good sign... bad part is, it's availability call and it's $390.

Whiskey in the Jar-o:

--- Quote from: bhtooefr;3344 ---Here's an M15...[/url] (that's the FRU number)
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I contacted them a couple of weeks ago.  They didn't have any in stock.

Astra Diesel:
Try the apple adjustable keyboard, it comes with non-clicky alps.

Right now, there aren't any auctions, so if you need one, you have to buy one for pretty unreasonable prices...

BTW, I don't really like using an ADB keyboard with Griffin's iMate on my PC, the typing rate is really slow and I don't think Griffin has a patch for PC users.  I don't how mac users are faring with older Apple keyboards with imate extensions, but I'm sure they have normal typing rates.

Good luck on your search. ;)

My iMate works so well I wouldn't know it was there.


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