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A new keyboard fan
« on: Mon, 12 June 2023, 12:51:00 »
Hey everyone,

My name is Andy, i'm 35 years old and i'm living in Belgium.
Married and a father of 2 (3th is on it's way).

I want to excuse myself for my Engish, it's not my first language obviously.

At the age of 15-16 years old my interest in computers started growing, specially the hardware part like the assembly of a PC from scratch.
2 years ago i bought my first mechanical keyboard wich was a Keychron C1 (non hot swap and no RGB), it had red switches, Gateron's i guess, not sure anymore.
I loved it but sold it together with my custom build PC.

This year i've build myself a new PC and bought a new keyboard wich is a Corsair K60 red led's.
It's not so bad in my opinion but i started looking at custom made keyboards and since this one isn't hot swap wich means i can't really change much, i decided to buy something wich is customizable.
I've bought an Epomaker TH66 pro kit wich is a barebone keyboard. I've also thought about some modifications because i'm looking for that soft "THOCCY" sound.

Next to the tech stuff i also love cars since i started working as a bodyshop worker at the age of 16. These days i like the washing and detailing part, another hobby i've lost my wallet for.

Here's the list of all the things i've ordered (is yet to arrive):
- Epomaker TH66 pro kit
- Gateron milky pro yellow (V2?) switches
- Tai hao PBT keycaps
- GPL 205 grade 0 3ml lube
- Lube tools
- Keygem stab shrinks
- Durock plate mount stabilizers
- Durock switch pads
- Stabilizer foam stickers
- Silverstone SST-SF01 foam sound insulation
- "Be in your mind" key switch opener
I was also thinking of buying some PTFE tape for the tape mod, does the PTFE give a better or more silent soundprofile than "regular" tape i wonder?

If any of you have got some tips or tricks for me, please shoot.
It'll be my first custom keyboard build so i could use all the info i can get, but i'm really looking forward to building this grown ass man's toy. :D

Love to read your comments guys!


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Re: A new keyboard fan
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 12 June 2023, 22:59:24 »
Welcome to the hobby and good luck on your thocc journey. Offhand I would think those parts would give you the sound profile you're looking for. You never know until it's finally built tho

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Re: A new keyboard fan
« Reply #2 on: Tue, 13 June 2023, 11:40:05 »
Thanks alot!
I'll keep you posted once the board has arrived and is put together.