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Kaptain Mike:

Hello Everyone and welcome to the IC for GMK Cosmos!
In the dark realms of infinite space lie vibrant bursts of color.

Black sets are timeless classics and essential for most collections so here I aim to bring something new and more distinctive than just another variation of a White on Black set. The base is black and the legends provide subtle hints of multicolor that become visible when viewed under specific lighting conditions for an overall minimal and dark aesthetic.


Please READ everything. If you don't like dark and low contrast sets, then this is not for you :)


Nebulae (Base Kit)

Cosmic Dust (Add-On Kit)

Meteoroids (Macros Kit)

Darkness (Hangul Subs) Kit

Kitting Diagram

Close Up

*Disclaimer: Please note that these are renders and it is very, very difficult to convey this texture/sparkle unless you hit it with direct light, but then it makes the render look strange. Black and anything with a multifaceted "glitter" or iridescence is always going to be tricky. I understand that in some of these it may look similar to GMK Dark with CR on N9, this is due to the lighting. We tried to provide renders in a couple different lighting conditions. Please scroll down to the GMK SAMPLES section to read more.


* Cherry profile, ABS plastic, thick doubleshot keycaps manufactured by GMK using one of GMK's new custom plastics.
* Colors: CR base. Multicolor "liquid black" for the legends (referred to as M-LB going forward).
* Legends won't be super visible. That is by design. I like black sets and it's about the details here. Less is more.
Get good (coming from someone who is looking down as I type this).
If this isn’t for you, that is ok.
* OG Cherry-style Icon-Text modifiers, not Omni mods.
* Legends on LED keycaps are pad printed.
* Accent keys will be inverse meaning CR legends on M-LB.
* Add-on kit has 4-key 40's support, extra B and alice bars and the very elite '95 Windows keys.
* Any missing spacebars are available elsewhere if you don’t already own them since we are using CR/black.
EX: GMK Mictlan, Wasabi, Stealth, WoB variants etc.
* Pricing/Vendors: TBD
* GB timeline: TBD but ASAP
* Artisan collabs: TBD. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in a collab.


OC2XL by @dajikeyboards

500C by

Sonnet by @modekeyboards

TKL by @whysoda


GMK sent me samples of some of their new plastics. The two seen here are “liquid black” a and b. One has red specks and the other has blue specks, both have iridescent qualities. Under certain lighting conditions, you can clearly see the blue and red colors while in different lighting it looks mostly like a glossy black. The other cap is a new GMK WoB for comparison. My goal is to have a “liquid black” variant with multicolor specks and iridescence, much like nebulas in space! The renders are trying to convey a multicolor version of these blue and red “liquid blacks” so try to imagine that. I would greatly appreciate your imaginative flexibility.


* Special thanks to whysoda for being the crucial piece in bringing my idea to virtual life with her renders and guidance!
* BlindAssassin111, Vheissu, Matt, OCM, Ankit, PogurtWogurt for guidance and feedback - even if minimal I really appreciate it.
* GMK for working with me and sending me samples of their new plastics.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a DM over on Discord @kaptainmike

PLEASE NOTE: Future collabs TBD based on IC performance

Please show your support for this IC with the banner below in your signature!

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Kaptain Mike:

hell yes ily mike

Those GMK samples are looking super exciting!
In for 2 sets!

mike bought every wob set and is yearning for more. i like :thumb:


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