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[IC] Penguin 1.0, 8k TKL

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Penguin 1.0

IC Form:
Hello keyboard friends, long time lurker here with my first keyboard project, the Penguin 1.0, I'll keep it short and sweet.

I designed the Penguin 1.0 with one thing in mind, to create a nice looking top mount 8k keyboard with an internal weight and a unique colorway. While the first prototype has quite a few kinks to work out, I believe that I achieved that goal.
Alu Top, Alu Bottom, Brass WeightFirst proto was 2.1 kg built, however it will be significantly heavier in future protos.WKL 8k F12 TKLTop Mount5.5 degree angle16 mm front height22.9 mm EKHCompatible with FUYU PCB
Sorry for the lack of info, This is a very early IC and I don't entirely know sales method / what will be included in each kit etc
Price is unknown, however it will be below $350 and hopefully below $325. Hopefully it will be significantly lower, but I don't want to go super low and end up needing to raise prices before GB to break even.
50 MOQ for pricing, 65 cap because this is my first project.
Will likely do private 10-20 unit private GB before for feedback with a special colorway.
Will offer Silver + Baby Blue combo + one additional combo voted on from my discord.
PROTO PICS (Not good with photos)

I forgot to put any photos of the plate in, so here is a quick render:

Join my newly created and incredibly barebones discord for more info and updates!
Thanks for reading, hopefully you find this project interesting!  :thumb:
Sound Test:

Best weight engraving I have ever seen

Cool project, might be worth including some plate pics/renders but otherwise this is solid :thumb:

I approve.

Big fan of this "back to basics" approach!


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