Author Topic: Post your G80-1800 pictures  (Read 390531 times)

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Re: Post your G80-1800 pictures
« Reply #900 on: Mon, 08 June 2020, 16:54:07 »
Ohhh, a H2099! I love mine. This is one very rare 1800 that you have here, take a great care of it!

How rare do you think the H2099 in black colour?
the seller asks from 50 dollars

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Well, I didn't know it existed, so pretty rare too I guess! :D

At that price you should get any 1800 with double shot keycaps though.
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Re: Post your G80-1800 pictures
« Reply #901 on: Sat, 01 August 2020, 21:23:53 »
I found a rackmount case (tragically missing the rails) that fits a G80 or G81 1800 module. I got a built Leaku PCB with spring swapped silent blacks for a great price so all I need is a serial converter for the trackball.

Where are G80-1800s with doubleshot caps going for $50? I really need some 1800 keycaps.

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Re: Post your G80-1800 pictures
« Reply #902 on: Sat, 19 December 2020, 23:33:31 »
These two have TKC boards.

Box Navy switches in this one make it my favorite.  I'm tempted to bring it to work, but it may create a hostile work environment. 

Box Royals.  Bringing this one to work to alternate with a Unicomp Model M.

Still stock.  Have to do some trimming in the case for a TKC board.  This will probably be sticker-bombed and put to use by my kids.  Have a set of Box Navy(alphas) and Box Pink(all else) ready to go. 

The first is a newish G80 purchased off of Amazon.  Case is easy to open(four rear tabs only) and has minimal flex.  The second one is an older G81, it has two screws through the bottom as well as the four rear tabs to open.  It has more flex than the other two without the screws installed.  The last one is a tank.  Four tabs in rear to open with additional tabs up front to increase the structural integrity.
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Re: Post your G80-1800 pictures
« Reply #903 on: Thu, 18 February 2021, 12:46:43 »
Here's my beige beauty, an 1800 I picked up from a user on Reddit with a TKC1800 PCB. It had a green vinyl wrap on it that wasn't really my style so I peeled it off. I had intended to paint the case after washing it but the original color and texture are pretty awesome so I'm going to keep it like this for now. Eventually I'll swap out the PCB for a Leeku because I love my split spacebars, but it's taking ages to get to me  \_(ツ)_/

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Re: Post your G80-1800 pictures
« Reply #904 on: Sat, 13 March 2021, 12:10:08 »