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[WTS] Various Keycaps, Keyboard
« on: Tue, 13 July 2021, 20:47:17 »
Hi everyone,
First time stamp and username:


Selling the following. Please note that the Cream Cheese and Matt3o/DEV/TTY/MT3 numpad do not come with the foam pad. I used it just to show what comes with the set.

1) GeekHack Tsangan Cream Cheese & Cream set, full board with alt caplock and OG GeekHack ESC keys: Bought back in 2012 from group buy, used for about a month and put back after cleaning. Very minimal shine on letters. Does not come with foam insert, used only for show
- $40 shipped US

2) MATT3O/DEV/TTY/MT3 Numpad only: Had the full set, sold it a long time ago and just found this in my closet. Trying to get rid of it, hopefully someone here has a partial set and wants it
- $15 shipped US

3) Hangul (Korean Alphabet) PBT Dye-Sub 108 set from Massdrop: Never used. Grey/White pbt dyesub from back when drop was called massdrop. Brand new. Comes in box and foam.
- $50 shipped US

1) Niz Plum Atom 68 (2020) Bluetooth 4.0 35g White: Selling a lightly used. Comes with springs to increase force I believe up to 45g but not 100% sure, never used as 35g was perfect for me. Types beautifully, bluetooth works fine despite people complaining about it. I had to use the dongle on my macbook air first then used it without afterwards, didn't fully get used to the 68 layout personally. Keycaps are PBT dyesub
- $140 shipped US

2) Topre Realforce 104UB Black variable weight: Selling used in office setting for 1+ years, keycaps in good cond with weight/variable in stock condition. Shipped in original packaging
- $200 shipped US

3) KBTalking (KBT) / Vortex / Pure 60% plastic case with white LED Cherry MX Red: Brand new never used. plugged in to check LED and board function. Works perfect. Comes in original packaging and USB cable. ABS Keycaps
- $50 shipped US

4) KBTalking (KBT) / Vortex / Pure 60% aluminum frame/case with green LED Cherry MX Red: Used original limited anodized aluminum case/frame housing PURE PCB mounted MX reds. Currently has PBT keycaps but lost 3 pieces as seen in photos, specifically #1, #2, and CTRL. Have original ABS keycaps that comes with the board minus the ABS space bar which was cracked. Anodized aluminum frame appears to be pretty unique and thick compared to current KBDfan cases.
- $75 shipped US

Combine 3 and 4 for total $100. You can harvest teh white LED board on the plastic case and house in the alum frame if you want.

Thanks for looking.
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Re: [WTS] Various Keycaps, Keyboard
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Re: [WTS] Various Keycaps, Keyboard
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Re: [WTS] Various Keycaps, Keyboard
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Re: [WTS] Various Keycaps, Keyboard
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