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Cherry vintage beige/white 101 us ansi Kit

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--- Quote from: Moogle Stiltzkin;369983 ---You be civil and apologize n i will. You don't bite the hand your expecting to be fed from, especially when your expecting favors.

Until then, i'm only sharing with others :p privately.
--- End quote ---

so mature

Moogle Stiltzkin:

--- Quote from: noodles256;369989 ---so mature
--- End quote ---

says the troll >_>:

i only troll privately cuz I am a little girl

pretty happy w/ the white moogle kit.  the color does match my slighly yellowed doubleshots better than my dye subs, but it's close enough to both.  thanks!

Moogle, only thing I'm sorry for is helping you promote this kit. GFY.


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