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All Starcraft keys are sold out! Interested parties should look to round 4 or beg somebody to buy their extras.

Round 3 is shipping. Several people have their keys, I'm still waiting on mine and will post a picture of all the different keys when I get mine. Everybody who has them says they are awesome, so bummer for you if you missed out.

These keys can be purchased with the 7bit voting system. Follow the directions in the Round 3 thread on how to vote/order (send votes as private messages to 7bit_vote.) I'm setting up order IDs for both Windows keys and Esc keys, and it seems that both sizes will be produced. Be aware that less popular size/race combinations will be more expensive.

The order IDs are as follows:


NOTE: These have changed because I was stupid and put a "2" in the IDs originally. Please re-submit your orders with the new IDs. You'll want to zero out your orders for the "2" versions too.

For example, if you just want one Zerg Esc key:

--- Code: ---SCESCZERG 1
--- End code ---

If you want Brotoss and you want both sizes of keys, including a pair of the Windows keys:

--- Code: ---SCESCPROTOSS 1
--- End code ---

These are just examples, you can order however many of whichever keys you want.

Current prices and remaining stock:

--- Code: ---sold out ... SCWINTERRAN.......70 $2.5......1 Starcraft Terran-Shield 1.25 mod.
sold out ... SCESCTERRAN.......60 $2........1 Starcraft Terran-Shield funct.
sold out ... SCWINPROTOSS......80 $2.5......1 Starcraft Protoss-Std. 1.25 mod.
sold out ... SCESCPROTOSS......70 $2........1 Starcraft Protoss-Std. funct.
sold out ... SCWINZERG.........70 $2.5......1 Starcraft Zerg simpl. 1.25 mod.
sold out ... SCESCZERG.........65 $2........1 Starcraft Zerg simpl. funct.
sold out ... SCWINRANDOM.......25 $3.5......1 Starcraft Random 1.25 mod.
sold out ... SCESCRANDOM.......35 $2.5......1 Starcraft Random funct.
--- End code ---

It is possible prices may drop a little when 7bit gets the final invoice from Signature.

This should be the final version of the art unless I find out any of them are not good enough.

The logos are somewhat simplified and adjusted in proportion from the originals because of the constraints on the process, which basically dosen't allow features smaller than 0.5mm.They may have to be adjusted further.  At the final size of 9.04x10.84mm, I think they will look fine.

Sorry about the lavender Zerg, they don't have purple. There are lots of shades of yellow, blue and red, so the other colors are flexible. Here are the colors we have to choose from:

The colors will be RA for Terran, YK for Protoss, RCJ for Zerg and BFP for Random.

Here's a picture somebody posted. I will post a picture of ALL the keys when I get mine.

yes, that would be sickkk


I'm down for 2!

would this be more like Terran though?

I was going to go with the decals instead of the regular logos for all three for consistency, but the Terran shield logo actually works with some minor modifications I think.


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