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As of 5pm on the 25th of October, 2011, we will not be doing Starwars keys because of copyright reasons. I would still like to thank Hazeluff for taking the time to redesign the images and give us a fighting chance at having them used. Sorry for all of those who wanted them but we still have other awesome keys.

News everyone! (October 24th)

Expect orders to open up by about Monday; after that we will take orders for ~2-3 weeks and then the payments will be sent and the caps ordered.

October 21st, 2011 UPDATE:

[*]I have sent out an email to Melissa to get some color-tabs so we can finalize the colors for some of the keys/so I can get an idea of what we will be getting.
[*]The most important thing is that everyone continues to voice their opinion for different keys. I want to hear what YOU want to buy and, based on some of the things addressed in the post, which version of keys you guys want the most.
[*]There has been some desire for not only a Black on Yellow 'Awesome Face' but also a White on Red 'Awesome Face' so that is now an option too. I personally like both and intend to get both but its up to y'all to make it happen.
[*]Our timeline is loosely based on taking orders in/around the first week of November and having the order for the keys placed by the end of November. The goal is to have the keys either in peoples' hands by January 1st or en route to their houses by then.

I will continue to do my best in updating you  guys on what is coming and responding to feedback as to what is actually wanted from this buy. Its a complex buy in that there are a lot of keys but they all share similar demographics so that shouldn't be a problem. If there are any questions feel free to PM me or ask them in a post below; I am always willing to do my best to give an answer.

I am going to throw this out now and then evaluate whether or not it would be worthwhile. [I changed my mind: Its totally worthwhile]

I have seen some interest for several of the Group Buy Round Three novelty keys and, with Round Four still being reshaped, I wanted to check to gauge the interest among the community as to whether or not people would be interested in a buy for one, or more, of these keys. Several of these keys, like the Vim key and the SC2 key set, have already been organized recently so please do ignore those.

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As of right now I am considering the following for the buy, but there is still a lot of time before I want to start making this super super super real:

[*]LOD (Left or Right)
[*]Awesome Face
[*]Jolly Roger
[*]White Keyboard
[*]Escaping w/ Keyboard

If there are those not on this list that you really really want then make a case for them in the forums below; otherwise, voice your desire of any of the individual keys to promote the wellbeing of this buy.

A couple of things to address:

ONE! The 'Awesome Face' cap has the capacity to be in any color you all shall choose. I am defaulting it as Yellow but there have been some grumblings for a Red Awesome Face. As with any cap I don't want to create inner-conflicts that would decrease the amount purchased and, therefore, restrict the capacity for a lower price.

TWO! Another cap with some differing opinions is the LOD, Look of Disapproval, which based on the original buy was done 'backwards' where in the face is looking to the left, and not to the right. It is up to you all to pick the orientation of the LOD: Do you want it looking Left or looking Right? I will not be doing both and the default will be whatever SP makes with the SVG's we give them. I like both, I like all keycaps, but you guys are ultimately the buyers and the audience and therefore have the say in how you want your products.

spolia optima:
very interested

I may be interested in that white/red lotus flower cap

Awesome / Disapproval, if not others, yes.

skull mod, koelsch mod, nuke, geekhack backspace. yes yes yes


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