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[Interest Check] Faux Cherry Red ESC + RGBY modifiers

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This thread is defunct!  See the order thread for the latest on this buy.

The second round moogle kit buy is winding down, and the work cycloverid did to create custom legends that duplicate the Cherry font ended up looking pretty freakin' awesome.

So, naturally the next step is a red Escape key.  I'm interested in duplicating the look of the classic Cherry red Escape (this one is owned by reaper):

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30333[/ATTACH]

cycloverid has graciously offered to do the SVG file.  Here is his work from the second-round moogle buy.  The Ctrl and Alt on the left in the first image are real Cherry 2-shots, and the two columns on the right are the moogle kit.  The second image shows the white kit in context in all its glory.

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30335[/ATTACH] [ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30334[/ATTACH]

So, to sum up: I would like to gauge interest in doing a group buy for a red Escape key with a custom, faux-Cherry legend.  If there's sufficient interest, it would also be cool to do RGBY versions of the Ctrl, Shift, Alt, and Win keys from the moogle kits.


The base RGBY kit will include:

2 x 1.25x red Control
2 x 1.25x blue Alt
2 x 1.25x yellow Win (legend as yet undetermined)
1 x 2.75x green right Shift

There will be two left Shift options to complete the base kit:

2.25x ANSI green left Shift
1.25x ISO green left Shift

The left Shifts will be ordered as separate individual keys, and are not tied to the RGBY base kit per se.  So feel free to order extras if you so desire.


Post in the thread if this sounds appealing.  Please clearly indicate a guesstimate of how many of each of the following you'd be interested in, assuming a decent price:


Also be sure to include the country your order would ship to.

BREAKING: Calavera has lamented the lack of Choc-Mini-compatible keys in this buy.  Choc lovers, rise up and make your voices heard, and I'll see what I can do!  #occupygeekhack


Bear in mind that these quotes are for the raw manufacturing cost.  There are a lot of other costs that will be factored into the final charge (e.g., legend fees, shipping from SP to me, Paypal seller fee).

REDESC ($35 setup fee)
25 keys @ $4.38 each
50 keys @ $2.43 each
75 keys @ $1.76 each
100 keys @ $1.44 each


RGBY-BASE (no setup fee)
5 sets @ $46.89 each
10 sets @ $26.51 each
15 sets @ $19.71 each
25 sets @ $14.28 each
50 sets @ $10.20 each
75 sets @ $8.84  each
100 sets @ $8.16 each

SHIFT-ISO ($45 setup fee)
5 keys @ $4.18 each
10 keys @ $2.48 each
15 keys @ $1.91 each
25 keys @ $1.46 each
50 keys @ $1.12 each
75 keys @ $1.01 each
100 keys @ $0.95 each

SHIFT-ANSI ($45 setup fee)
5 keys @$20.41 each
10 keys @ $11.22 each
15 keys @ $7.82 each
25 keys @ $5.11 each
50 keys @ $3.07 each
75 keys @ $2.39 each
100 keys @ $2.05 each


Colors.  I'm leaning strongly toward the same red and green from aggiejy's RGB buy:
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30340[/ATTACH] [ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30341[/ATTACH]

Yellow and blue are still very much up in the air though.  Personally, I like BFK or BOH (blue), and YPB or YCH (yellow).
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30342[/ATTACH]

Legend for the yellow Windows keys.  I quite like the diamond legend shown here:

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 30807[/ATTACH]

The other main option so far is the standard Windows logo.  Voice your opinions in the thread.




In probably 1-2 Esc's

In Western Amurica.


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--- End quote ---

I recommend that you 2 put your order together and try to get a better price from SP than if ordering separate.

Nevertheless, I'd be interested in the SVG files for this.


I'd be in for a couple Esc, maybe one RGB, I'm in US

I was also going to start such a group buy! :)
I'm definitely into a RGB kit as long as it includes a ISO option (short left shift). I'm sure a lot of people may want this, because there hasn't been a ISO RGB kit recently.
Also, I would suggest to actually do a RGBY kit like the one Sixty did some time ago:
[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 29465[/ATTACH]
But with all 1,25 modifiers in order to fit Filcos, Leopold, etc. I think it would look gorgeous!

So i'm interested in RGB + ESC, I live in Italy.


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