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Title: Logitech, "silent upgrades"
Post by: typo on Sun, 28 March 2021, 07:44:46
I had some older Logitech mice that I had used up. G903, G502, G703 ETC. I just replaced all of them with the same models. My original ones were at lease 7 years old or more. I got the new ones this weekend. I noticed that there have been "improvements" made to all of these rodents that are unadvertised and unmentioned anywhere. They have better quality cables. They have better quality grips, so not having to use grip tape. They have better quality "feet". They have more uniform and brighter RGB lighting, Most importantly all of the switches especially the mains are of better quality. The scroll wheels with tilt and freewheel have a lot tighter tolerance now. They are more or less completely different products than they were the first time I had purchased them. Of course anything with HERO is 25,600 DPI now as well. If it is too old it will fail on the update. I figure this does not really matter to anyone. It is just for historical purposes.
Title: Re: Logitech, "silent upgrades"
Post by: mikestah on Tue, 30 March 2021, 17:05:02
Huh that's actually pretty interesting. Would you be able to post any old/new comparisons? My 502 is a few years old I'm curious to see how mine compares.
Title: Re: Logitech, "silent upgrades"
Post by: typo on Wed, 31 March 2021, 12:05:30
I tossed the 3 old 502's I had. They were past their time. The upgrades over time are actually subtle. Overall they add up to just a slightly nicer product. It is not as big a deal as it sounds. Interestingly I have decided the the G903 is my favorite Logitech mouse.. They have not made any upgrades to that one that I am aware of. Even though I did include it above. I guess that one is already top of the line. They did lower the price a lot. The new expensive model is the G Pro X. That would only interest me if I was very serious about FPS.