Author Topic: WHY is the HHKB superior?  (Read 45327 times)

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Re: WHY is the HHKB superior?
« Reply #200 on: Thu, 02 June 2022, 05:37:39 »
dude @phinix we were talking in another hhkb thread last week on here.

i just wanted to let you know that i got a hhkb hybrid white with printed keycaps and i am completely blown away. this is the first store bought keyboard i have used in like a decade. ive been making myself ergo doxes and 60% since i got on here in 2013.

i should have bought this ****ing thing years ago. you should stick with it.

I think I'll buy it again :)

How do you work with this without arrows?
Are you ok with 60% arrows placement?
Do you use arrows a lot?

omg if you buy it again you'll have the most ridiculous history with this board in the 25 years of its history. lol

ok man as for adjusting to keyboards. i am good at adjusting. i taught myself to type on a custom matrix layout ergo dox years ago and ive made my own 60% boards for like a decade. it will take me like a week or two with the arrow keys being where they are on my hhkb for me to adjust.

i freaking love the topre switches. the sounds is soooo nice. i cant believe im in love with a ****ing store bought keyboard.

Fantastic, sounds like you are one of those die-hard hhkb lovers:)
Cool, I hope I will be one some day :thumb:
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Re: WHY is the HHKB superior?
« Reply #201 on: Sun, 05 June 2022, 09:26:23 »
A strange case of superiority, that of the HHKB over other keyboards, takes tents of arguments to be built. Superiority should speak for itself; otherwise, it is just a matter of personal opinion.

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Re: WHY is the HHKB superior?
« Reply #202 on: Mon, 03 October 2022, 07:35:24 »
Okey, I know there are some threads floating around here, but I wanted to ask a pretty specific question: What about the HHKB's layout is it that makes it superior to all other layouts? Is it only for programmers using specific programs it is so damn good, or is it for all everyday users? I'm extremely intruiged by the keyboard, and I'm really considering jumping straight to it.. after my next paycheck.
However, I'm defo not a programmer, and all I'll be using my KB for is gaming, browsing, typing (I'm a psychology student, AKA I will be writing lots of essay like papers), and just general use.
As always, I know everything is personal preference, but I want to hear your opinions! :)

Idek. I just think it makes the keys I use most easier to reach?