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--- Quote from: t2russo on Tue, 11 March 2014, 20:50:26 ---People who have not gotten refunds should start getting things together for a chargeback.

--- End quote ---

Roger that. If I don't hear anything soon I think this is the only option.
I'm thinking April 01: if I don't hear anything by then I'm reporting this to my credit card company.

So I don't post or even read a whole lot on Geekhack, but I have been following this thread. I got order 001 of the Black Friday keyset, and sent Sherry many emails. Never got much response at all, and in the end I just kept forgetting that I even had these things ordered. I got the shipping notification earlier this week, and I now have  the BSP part of the set in hand. I ordered everything in the set, so still have the modifiers and the space bar or what ever to wait on...


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