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--- Quote from: iri on Tue, 12 March 2024, 18:19:09 ---Ah so that's why you have no money, you spent it on ****coin.

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Honestly, crypto has done nothing but make me money. I put a lot in when I was making good money in tech, and there has been times selling off a bit has gotten me through literal months of no income. But my main purse only contains 4 cryptos, mostly in ETH and Jasmy for long holds. Hoping to liquidate this year or next, depending on trends. Should've bought much more AVAX last year, but oh well.


--- Quote from: iri on Tue, 12 March 2024, 18:19:09 ---Ah so that's why you have no money, you spent it on ****coin.

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Not everyone lost money on crypto.
Crypto is no different than stocks. Yes, there is/was a lot of scam coins (Doge) but if you did even the tiniest bit of research it isn't/wasn't too hard to figure out which had absolutely zero future and which were at least not a joke. "Meme stocks" showed the stock market operates in the same way, in fact Bernie Madoff, the guy who created the largest ponzi scheme also created the current US stock trading system (he was also the chairman of NASDAQ).

I highly recommend people go watch "The Big Short" and "Apes Together Strong".

I made money on both crypto and meme stocks, but I also did a lot of research before I did it and I don't recommend anyone invest at all (including 401ks) without researching because none of it is nearly as safe as people think, especially 401Ks (tons of problems with these). Big money wants your money invested in the stock market (including every American's Social Security) because they can't take it if it's not in play. When it crashes, which they can orchestrate, they get to take it all for pennies on the dollar. This is real reason for all the crypto hate, the big stock trading houses and investors can't control it and use it for a "safe" investment. What Gamestop/AMC Apes (traders) did was turn the system against them and it nearly crashed the entire system, it also unfortunately wiped out a bunch of 401Ks, retirements and hedge funds. It didn't actually nearly crash the stock market, only the corporations who facilitated the trades. Did we investigate the systemic problems? Nope, we blamed those pesky Redditors.

This is so hilarious to read for someone who works in """Big Money""".

crypto seems like pure gambling mixed in with lots of fraud, so much of it. It's system ripe for scams because there barely is any consequences for people who do scam, the system is like so well designed for scamming as well, because there are no safeguards so if you **** up and get tricked, it's over and you lose your money.


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