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Keycaps for South Facing LEDs



I'm looking to get a new set of keycaps for my Keychron Q6 ISO, I've got Kailh Box Jade switches.

The ones I have right now are white with shine-through, but since the LEDs are south facing, the keys don't get too bright.
So I got to looking at alternatives and found pudding keycaps, lots of people saying that they look best with north facing LEDs, and also, most pudding keycaps that I've found have the shine-through that looks bad with south facing LEDs.

I'm looking for just one solid colour, white or grey is best, some examples of colour attached, note that they are not pudding, I just like those colours (and also the font on the keys).

If not pudding keycaps, then any south facing solid colour keycap sets, with the text on the bottom rather than the top?

Any recommendations are appreciated, and this is my first time posting here so apologies if this kind of post isn't allowed.



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