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Is there any custom keycap size company out there?

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I was checking some custom keycaps, like fkcaps (which are awesome btw!), but couldn't find actual custom sizes for the keycaps. I found out that usual 1u can measure about 19mm. In comparison, m1 mac is about 16mm, while a sakura keycap (MX cherry) I have is 12mm top and 17mm bottom. As my fingertips are small, I'd rather choose something in between a m1 mac and the sakura ones, but so far couldn't find those informations. Is that hard to have custom sizes or am I just not looking at the right places?

If you measure the M1 Mac's 1u keys from left edge to left edge, that should still be about 19 mm key pitch.
(But to do it more accurately, do measure multiple keys and divide)

Having the top of the keycap as narrow as 12 mm and not 16 reduces the risk of accidentally pressing multiple keys at once.
But there are still a bunch of keycap profiles that fit Cherry MX that are wider at the top, but the key pitch stays the same. "MDA" might be the most well known.

Thanks for your reply!

Although I'm interested in knowing whether there's a company that produces keycaps with different base sizes for individual keycaps.

i have connection to a new keycap studio who can do custom design.

I appreciate if you can share them with me @gareth_sl


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