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Favorite Fruit?

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What is your favorite fruit, and why?

I'm a big guava fan. Like a perfect cross between strawberry and watermelon, and super good for you. One of the highest amounts of vitamin A & C, tons of antioxidants, and bar none the highest concentration of lycopene in any raw food.

Watermelon = Watermelon

Because, Watermelon

Contains the most amount of Watermelon.

Any perfectly ripe fruit is better than any fruit before or after its peak.

My go-to is grapefruit for breakfast but in-season blackberries and raspberries are exquisite, as is that mid-summer peach that is so just right.

Melons, especially home-grown cantaloupe and watermelon are wonderful, but only at their "just right" moment.

That exotic mango is very hard for me to find, here so far from its natural habitat, in a proper state of ripeness but without that awful stringy stuff ....

yellow dragon fruits are amazing and have been fairly affordable these days ($3-4/lb around my parts). otherwise just some really good apples, oranges, or grapes. delicious fruit doesn't have to be super expensive or exotic in my eyes.


--- Quote from: Sniping on Wed, 13 March 2024, 18:21:54 ---yellow dragon fruits are amazing

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I have heard this before, got to try the yellow ones. The regular pink ones literally taste of nothing, no flavor at all whatsoever.


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