Another 6 year celebration giveaway

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this is probably gonna go very very very wrong

but i would like to do a giveaway, but instead of offering something of mine, i would like to offer to buy something that one of you wants, whilst at the same time helping out someone else

so here is the deal

please post below something you want and why, i would like you to keep your wants to something specific from the classifieds section, or a vendor that is based on geekhack (techkeys, keypop etc)

i wont post a limit on the value of the item you can ask for, but your chances will be better if you post something realistic

i figure this way someone will get something they actually want, and someone will get some money for something they dont want

the rules

1 entry per person
if you post something form the classifieds and it sells, you can have another entry
i will pick the winner, no random generators, i will pick solely based on the quality of the post, so my favorite wins
100 post minimum
the contest is open to people worldwide, but please check that the person selling the item will ship to you, i will of course be paying all shipping costs
this giveaway will end friday the 30th of august at 10pm gmt

thanks everyone


Nice giveaway Bunny!

Well, if it's still available, I'd like Tsangan's LZ-MXSE. He's a cool guy (all mods/admins here are), and I would definitely like this board. It's fairly unique (how many common red-cased boards do you find?), it's got a novel layout (to me), and it's Korean (and we all know Korean boards are automatically awesome). If I had the cash, I would've bought the board quickly, but I don't and probably won't.

Also, I'm getting into RTS games, and this seems like the perfect layout for quick shortcuts.

I do have a second choice, but that's going to wait until I know I can't have the Red LZ-MXSE

Of all the things I could ask bunny santa for I would ask for a Teensy
I've always enjoyed playing around on computers and over the years noticed how crappy keyboards had gotten and didn't know there was really any other option. Once I found mechanical keyboards I was hooked. Now wild horses couldn't make me use membrane ughhhh
I want to make my own programmable keyboard and a Teensy is one of the few components I can't cannibalize from all these old boards.
I am scared of ordering one and getting a fake!

If I am chosen as the winner, or one of like 5 winners knowing you, I will dedicate a bunny image on my keyboard when I paint in in honor of your contribution :)

OK, let's try this.

I first joined GH after getting some serious pain in my hands. Lurking the ergonomics forum I discovered the TypeMatrix, which I bought and was quite happy with it.

However, lurking this place and the whole mechanical board universe, I felt 'sad' that my typematrix didn't allow me to have the amazing custom potential. So I decided to buy a Filco.

Changing key caps, however, was (is) not enough. I started reading the amazing threads on the GH60, the ergodox and others. Those are very inspiring threads. Seeing people trying hard to design and build new things and, after it, making it possible for idiots like me to have one is amazing. Not only that, due to personal reasons, making *me* wanting to do something that is not necessary is quite amazing :P

I decided to try modding my Filco out of its brown switches, as I think now they are too light. So I got Beast's switch opening tool (which arrived yesterday, it got here so fast!) and some soldering gear. I also got an ergodox kit for my birthday (as it is not possible to get a GH60 now) and I am really excited to build it.

Now I want to get the materials to start my modding purposes. I would like an originative 3S bundle as it makes it possible for me to swap the springs in blues for heavier ones and then adding them to my filco with the stickers :)

This, however is quite expensive, so I would be happy with just the springs :) (or one of those lovely key chains).


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