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Many o' ya'll probably have hand-me-down Olfa knives from your parent's era..

They are among the oldest weeaboo brand of utility knives. Made in Weeabooland of high quality plastic and stamped steel.

These knives are very durable and will serve for decades to come.

In the photo we are looking at:

A300 , mid 90s model

SVR-2 , modern

A-1 , modern

PA-2 , modern


-- This is the old standard. it has a plastic housing unlike the newer SVR-2.

-- However unlike the newer Olfa knives, this one does not have auto lock, which means the blade can slide back into the knife as you're cutting.

-- There are NEW models made without autolock, so it's not a standard feature across all new knives.

-- The plastic housing provides grip that is superior to the all metal exterior of the SVR-2, but it is bulkier

-- The color is also of a brighter sunnier yellow vs the newer Darker-yellow.


-- This is the defacto standard Olfa of today, new autolock, blade will not slide back into knife as you're cutting.

-- The metal only housing provides a thin profile for pocket-ability and closeness to cut material

-- This is the knife you'd use if ever there was a tight space or little clearance for the body of the knife

-- Very svelte

-- However, it loses out on grip, because the all metal is so smooth.


-- This is the replacement for the general purpose A-300. 

-- These newer models have auto lock, will not slide back.

-- The rear features a removable edge breaker, for when you need to snap off a piece of the blade for a sharp point. This is especially handy, because you won't have to look for a pair of pliers

-- The plastic housing provides great grip.

-- The body is wider in the back which makes the overall cutting experience more ergonomic


-- This is the most fancy iteration of the Olfa 9mm cutters, which has a multiblade housing. This can carry up to 5 blades for quick refresh should you use up the previous blade.  -similar to mechanical pencils..

-- Even though the mechanism is cool.  The spring loader is somewhat flimsy in construction, which calls into question the durability of this multiblade function.

-- The housing is also slightly tapered to be ergonomic, although it looks like it's flat all across, it is not.

-- Overall the auto load mechanism works well. and I'm hoping the Weeaboo factor will keep it from breaking down.

The Black Blades

These are the Ultra sharp line of blades that Olfa produces. They are 25% sharper than the standard silver blades.  They come standard with the more expensive models, but not with the cheaper ones. 

The standard silver blades are still very sharp, but because they're duller than the ultra sharp, their edge is technically more durable..

Both silver and black blades are interchangeable between all 9mm knife handles.

Amazon has 50 pack for $13..   they're all also weeabooland made..   

-- Keep in mind that's alot of money for steel blades, because China versions are much cheaper and just as sharp, at least initially.   

-- As no Olfa blade will outlast 2 of the China equivalents, the durability of weeabooland may be m00t.


Everyone on Geekhack loves Lube..

Be very careful when lubricating the slide mechanism in utility knives..

If you overlube, it can pour over to the handle..

You definitely Do Not want to slip your hands on one of these knives.. They can cut your finger clean off at the joint. --Especially using Olfa's ultra sharp black blades.

You've been warned..


When using 9mm blades, remember they are not equivalent to box cutters or their larger 18mm cousins.

9mm blades can snap with too much force..

They are super sharp for a reason, so you do not have to apply any sawing action to the blade.

If it won't cut, it's not going-to-cut with more force..  STOP and re-evaluate your cutting strategy, Use a Different Tool.

So you just use these to open boxes?


--- Quote from: SpAmRaY on Mon, 17 April 2017, 22:19:40 ---So you just use these to open boxes?

--- End quote ---

and other secret stuff too.. ..

Man, these knives really are the cutting edge

YES! New guide!! I was looking for someone to review box cutters! Thanks TP! <3


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