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KEYCAPS FROM TYPEWRITERS: which typewriters to buy

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Triumph Adler SE 515

Just got one and has MX Compatible keycaps.


--- Quote from: Myoth on Sun, 26 November 2017, 11:11:36 ---You missed the whole lot of typewriters that IBM has, almost all of them are usable with Buckling Springs.

I can help you with those if you are having a hard time :)

--- End quote ---

Well, I don't have any IBM keyboards in my collection, so I didn't bother to make a research on this topic.
If you can post a list of Buckling spring/Solenoid compatible typewriters I'll be glad to include it in here.

I bought a Canon AP 830 today, and discovered that it had  SMK inverse cross mount switches instead of the expected Alps ones. Buyer beware ... (Nice doubleshot caps, though.)

Got a Canon S-16 in the mail today - it has SA (or very similar profile) doubleshot Alps mount keycaps and Alps SKEW switches (+ 1 SKCL Green) which are surprisingly not too bad. There are a fair few non-standard caps but higher models in the S series (and others) have additional caps which would be more ideal for bigger boards.

What about gabriele ta 100? I found one and keycaps looks cool but what mounting they have.


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