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12/21/2020 Update

Hey guys. We have been getting a lot of messages regarding SQUARE.X’s shipping. We apologize for the slow progress. We are experiencing some issues on getting these boards shipped, but we are trying our best to get them shipped out by the end of this month. If you have not already provided a contact number, please send it to as soon as possible.

If you have already paid for shipping, your status should be updated within the next 2 to 5 days. I will also update your tracking number in your PayPal invoice. Please be aware that a batch of shipment was returned to us due to lack of contact number. We will contact those buyers separately to arrange another shipment.

Below are some answers to the questions from buyers who have already received their keyboards:

Every box comes with 1) silicone dampener, 2) dampener for space bar, 3) 4 x m2 screws for hot-swap PCB, not used for solder PCB, 4) bumpons

VIA should have been loaded to all PCBs. If for whatever reason VIA doesn’t recognizes the PCB, please download the latest toolbox to flash VIA

By default, FN(mo1)+Q to turn off backlight, FN(mo1)+W to adjust backlight, FN(mo1)+R to turn off switch lights, FN(mo1)+T to adjust switch lights

We specified $35 as shipping on custom for all orders

If you have any other questions, please send it to our email at

Below are some photos from users who participated in the China's GB.

11/23/2020 Update
We are ready to ship!

Unfortunately, shipping cost has gone up significantly due to pandemic. We have asked around for the best prices, and below are the estimates for a regular Square.X that weights ~2.5kg.

South East Asia: $48
USA/Canada: $53
Europe: $53
Australia: $63

We will be invoicing buyers in batches. Please check the Shipping Info tab in the spreadsheet linked below for your order's status. If you would like to update the shipping address after you have paid your invoice, please send your request along with your order number to

To ensure the PCB is well protected during shipping, we purposely left the sides attached. You can either snap off the sides by hand or use a clipper to cut off the stems. All PCBs are pre-flashed with VIA.

10/17/2020 Update
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated this post in a while, but all the aluminum parts have been machined and are in the process of being anodized. PC parts will finish machining this month. Please see the latest photos below.

8/14/2020 Update
Everything is going well, and we are still accelerating our progress. :thumb:

7/5/2020 Update
I have updated the order check spreadsheet with PayPal invoice numbers. Please double check the detail of your order on both the spreadsheet and the PayPal invoice and make sure they match. I will begin to purchase the material soon so we can start the manufacturing process  :thumb:

GB Information
Thank you all for participating in this group buy. The order phase has completed and the rest of the invoices will go out soon. Please pay your invoice before the deadline to avoid cancelation of your order. Invoices sent before 6/28 has a deadline of 6/30. Invoices sent 6/28 has a deadline of 7/1. Please double check the specifications for your order on the invoice before paying, and let me know if there is any issues. Thank you all!

Link to Interest Check

Link to Group Buy Form

GB Quick Details
Timing: 6/22 20:00 PST to 6/28 20:00 PST
Pricing: $350+ (detailed below)
Estimated ship date: November 2020
Shipping: Either through DHL or SF Express; will invoice for shipping separately when ready to ship

TaeKeyboard’s Review

Nathan’s Stream

Form Factor: 60%
Mounting Mechanism: Sandwich
Layout: WKL, WK, HHKB
Typing Angle: 7 Degree
PCB: Type-C, QMK, VIA (designed and supported by astro)
Lighting: Per Key RGB, Underglow
Case Material: Aluminum / PC
Case Color: Anodized Black / Blue / Red / Green; E-White
Plate Material: Aluminum / Brass
Plate Thickness: 1.5mm
Plate Color: Anodized Black / Blue / Red / Green; E-White; E-Yellow; Sand Blasted Brass
Plate Coverage: Full / Half (Hot-Swap is not supported on half-plate)
Weight Material: Aluminum / Brass / PC
Weight Color: Anodized Black / Blue / Red / Green; E-White; E-Yellow; Sand Blasted Brass[/li][/list]

Supported Layouts
1.   Solder PCB

2.   Hot-Swap PCB

1.   SQUARE.X base kit with solderable PCB $350, not including PayPal fees and shipping
2.   SQUARE.X base kit with hot-swap PCB $360, not including PayPal fees and shipping

Items Included in Base Kit
1.   Case – Aluminum or PC
2.   Plate – Aluminum or Brass (+$60) There was an error on the form earlier saying it's +$50, it is now fixed.
3.   Weight – Aluminum or Brass (+$30)
4.   PCB – Solderable or Hot-Swap (+$10)
5.   Screws & rubber feet

1.   Polished Chamfer – $100 (only available on Black aluminum case)
2.   Additional Plate – $70 Aluminum, $120 Brass (only 1 plate can be added per base kit)
3.   Additional Weight – $30 Aluminum & PC, $50 Brass
4.   Additional PCB - $35 Solderable, $45 Hot-Swap

Terms and Promises
We will try our best to deliver the highest quality product to you, but we cannot guarantee every keyboard to be 100% perfect. If the keyboard arrives with imperfections, based on the level of severity, resolutions may include replacement, partial refund, or return.

Updates Frequency
We promise to provide progress update at least once a month, most likely more through our Instagram.

Q1. Where is the weight?
A1. The weight is the black part of the keyboard pictured below. It also acts as a background of the logos. You can choose either aluminum (anodized Black / Blue / Red / Green; E-White; E-Yellow) or brass (sand blasted).

Q2. How about the N and the SQUARE.X logo that are mounted to the weight?
A2. They are not part of the weight and will be in the same color as the case.


Photos of Brass Plate from SQUARE 80



I was wondering if we could have a video of the final prototype just to see how the product we receive would look and sound.

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the first 60% board that is really tempting me.

Any comparisons of the polished chamfer upgrade?


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