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[GB] SA Skyriter Keycap Set | Complete

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--- Quote from: dstaar on Sat, 08 August 2020, 21:20:11 ---
ordered. this is must have for green lovers.

--- End quote ---

Agreed, this'll be one of like 5 cap sets I'll have in green  :))

Sick retro green keycap keyset! :eek:



--- Quote from: dvorcol on Mon, 10 August 2020, 21:24:02 ---
--- End quote ---
Thanks for the graphs Dvorcol!

Sales numbers are looking great after just one weekend. Thank you everyone for your support!

New to this, never bought into a GB but what happens if I order 3 kits to complete a split keyboard and the spacebar kit doesn't reach MOQ but the others do? In other words, should I wait for all the kits I want to reach MOQ?


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