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SA Espresso

Welcome to the GB of SA Espresso.  A keycap set inspired by the rich colors of an espresso, from the dark brown of coffee beans to the caramel-like layer of crema that rises to the top of a perfect shot.

GB April 13th - May 14th 2021

US: Kono
EU: MyKeyboard
OC: DailyClack
Asia: zFrontier
CA: Ashkeebs


Estimated lead time: 12 months after group buy


J-02 by Proto[Typist] Keyboards

Haus by Hand Engineering

Black Haus for the render.

GMMK PRO case. Model by Elmo, design by GPCGR.


Consider this image just a reference, as viewing the HEX on a screen is not accurate. I think these colors will work great, but I do have alternatives that are less/more saturated or a slightly different hue, in case the samples turn out a bit off and to make sure the subtle gradient is respected.



THOK x SA Espresso

RocketCables x SA Espresso

I want to thank everyone that supported the set during the IC. It was a pleasure to develop this idea with your help.
Special thanks to thatkoaladoe, shota_irl, NoPunIn10Did, Swishy and konstantin.

Will the Spacebars kit be using SP's new convex molds in those sizes?

Very dope. Iím gonna be in.


--- Quote from: justinhigley on Sun, 11 April 2021, 21:40:52 ---Will the Spacebars kit be using SP's new convex molds in those sizes?

--- End quote ---

No, it will be using non-convex R3 spaces

makes me wanna drink more caufee


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