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--- Quote from: Zalusithix;193333 ---Dvorak and QWERTY are just firmware settings. The hardware remains the same
--- End quote ---

In my world firmware = hardware. Different ROM means different hardware. Your mileage obviously varies.

The Contour Essential had two unpopulated ROM DIP sockets.
The Contour Classic had one unpopulated and one populated by an ATMEL 24C164.

By firmware I mean it's simply a reprogram of the same board. The Dvorak can flip between Dvorak and QWERTY with a single key combo which reassigns all the keys' values. In fact I'm pretty damn sure the standard QWERTY board can become Dvorak quite fine. The Dvorak option should just be for the dual legend keycaps.

--- Quote from: Advantage Manual ---Activating on-board Dvorak is basically a “global remap” of the keyboard, so any other remapping that you may have done is erased.
--- End quote ---

My 130 had no Dvorak firmware.
My 133 has QWERTY/Dvorak firmware but only QWERTY caps.

My understanding from the website indicates there are models still shipping without DVORAK.

To answer the original question properly, all models have Cherry browns with diodes.

DVORAK mode on the Advantage USB and Pro USB is just a automatic remapping. The boards are fully remappable in onboard hardware, and when you "switch" it to DVORAK or back to QWERTY, it just remaps itself. This makes for a pain if you want to swap frequently between the two layouts, as it overwrites any custom remapping you've done with the standard DVORAK or QWERTY layout every time you "switch" it. Kinesis recommends using macros rather than remapping to swap key function if you need to use the auto Qwerty/Dvorak remap feature, since macros operate below the remap level, and remain intact after remapping.


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