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[GB] GSKT-00 (Finishing packing, shipping starting)

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Anyway, saltiness aside, it seems to be a tolerance stacking issue. I removed some material from the screw head and they then fit in the hole and screw in with no issue, but out of the box there's definitely a tolerance issue with mine.


--- Quote from: weaston on Fri, 28 January 2022, 10:36:10 ---
--- Quote from: zian_ on Fri, 28 January 2022, 10:18:56 ---Would it be possible to get the screw specs?

They all stripped on me. I had to actually hammer them in to get them to seat, and then they stripped. Two out of the 8 actually caught threads without stripping. I think the tolerances with the included screws are just way too tight.

Not trying to concern anyone here or start anything because it could just be my board.

--- End quote ---

Oh my goodness it looks like you got screws from the wrong bag, I'm really sorry about that.  Only you and a 2 other people will have that problem, I will message the three of you privately and you will have your new screws delivered to you by the end of next week.  The screws look so similar I mistook them so I apologize.  Everyone else will have the correct screws in their boxes so not to worry.  Again I'm really really sorry, thank you for letting me know so I can fix it quickly.  Thank you all again for the patience.

--- End quote ---

Ah, that makes sense! There was definitely something off there haha. Appreciate it, Weaston.

It would still be highly appreciated if you could publicly share the correct specifications of fixations, please.

Screw Update,

The few people with the wrong screws have been emailed and the correct screws are being mailed today so they will have them early next week.

Everyone else will be unaffected, the correct screws will be replaced in any boxes already packed and all other orders can rest assured of proper fitment.

Again I apologize for the annoyance, but no one else should be affected.  Thanks again for the patience.  You'll see many more tracking numbers early next week.

Just like magic, more messages in 2 days vs 2 years.

Dude is going to ship 15-20 boards to get the felony fraud monkey off his back, then back to radio silence while GH loses focus with the lawsuit. You heard it here first.

joshuarubin's board first out the door of course - that's how these things go.


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