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Microsoft Natural... with MX browns?

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spolia optima:
saw this on the [H]

Supposedly it's just a work in progress. Looking pretty good though.
I wish I had the time and/or skill to pull off something like that.
Any thoughts?

Ugh... why cherry browns? Blue is much better. And blue is cool.

It's posted in our very own forums:

Hi, thats me, I started it on [H] but figured I could use the advice and opinions of people with lots of mechanical keyboard experience and modding. Thanks! (gonna goto either mapping out the orignial ms4000 pcb or using my almost mapped out ocz alchemy pcb then start on soldering, which I've only soldered twice in my life, so it'll be a learning process!)
As far as browns vs. blues, tbh I have idea if i liked browns or blues (never used either) the g80-8200 i got from ebay was 26bucks, pristine new and had a broken pcb(so the keys were awesome) that pretty much was the deciding factor.


--- Quote from: EverythingIBM;195881 ---Ugh... why cherry browns? Blue is much better. And blue is cool.
--- End quote ---

Have you ever actually used either?


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