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Update 11:

PCB numrow issue - PLEASE PLEASE only use the information added in the following more block if you face an issue with your PCB where your numrow is outputting every key in its column
If you checkout the source then please only use this for a prophet PCB that is faulty - I offer no replacements/repairs on other PCBs built using this firmware. If you still face issues with the PCB after using this then please reach out to your vendor - I have a reworked PCB testing at the moment to replace anyone with long term faults

Morefor via:
just flash this new firmware - you'll need to clear the eeprom by holding esc when you plug in the board


Update 10: 2 issues to cover

1) If you have a problem with your PCB where the numrow is outputting the full column we are currently testing a software based fix for this. Inital results are promising. The majority of PCBs are absolutely fine so please don't take this as cause for concern.

2) If you have a problem with your Nylon plate that is overly sized or overly small (some shrinkage is expected - see FAQ at bottom of post) then please open a ticket with your vendor so we can get a reliable report of numbers of fails to help us scope the problem for replacements.  So far this seems to be affecting a small pool of people and I need to get a better idea of what I need to arrange with vendors to help solve this problem.

Update 9: It has come to my attention there is some issues with some Nylon plates. We are currently trying to gauge the scope of the issue, we have previously agreed to a resolution with the manufacturer and it seems that most of the parts are testing just fine.

Update 8: ilumkb has started shipping, expect other vendors to follow suit shortly. Thanks for everyone's continued patience on this one, I really appreciate it.

Update 7: Parts are all finished and being packed at the factory to be sent out to vendors this week.

Update 6: e-white parts are still not finished. Current projections from my factory contact place completion at the 24th of this month at which point it should be OK to ship everything out to vendors. Apologies for the continued delays

Update 5: Nylon plates are manufactured, everything else is manufactured and finished except for the e-white parts as there was a delay with the shop used by the fab to handle the e-finishes. China is now on a week long vacation and when they're back hopefully we'll be on track really quickly. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.  :thumb:

Update 4: I have been using the prophet with the new nylon plate and I am very pleased with it - I have placed the full order with the new fab this week and they are predicting 2-3 weeks to complete the work (about 300 plates total). The anodising is currently predicted to finish end of the month. Black parts are in QC now and blue is in anodising.

here's some spoiler pics from the anodisers (nothing fancy)

--- Code: ---

--- End code ---

Update 3: I have 2 sample nylon plates from new manufacturers on the way - they should be here this week and I'll be able to place the order asap. Cases are all finished manu but some are still pending anodisation as the factory has some delays with their external anodising partner. Currently trying to get a better idea of what impact these 2 things will have on delivery. PCBs are finished as are all additional parts

Update 2: Case production is almost finished - hardware has been sent for assembly to the manufacturer. Vendors are prepped for the situation.

There is a slight hold up with the nylon plates - the factory I originally intended to use are unable to source reliable material. I am currently trying to source alternatives and will provide a better update if/when I have one. Currently trying to make sure that we have an acceptable sample that acts as a proof of work, I have already received a set of samples and they're not satisfactory in my opinion.

Update 1: Production is all booked for PCBs, cases, plates etc

Edit: Updated pricing, added details about colours, extended to May 1st

Hello fellow keyboard enthusiasts

Here is the official GB thread for Prophet, a pin-mount seamless 60% keyboard kit.

The IC thread is available here where a lot of questions were answered

--- Quote ---there is no pressure from the top half of the case on the plate. There are 4 pins in the corners of the base that hold the plate in place and it rests on the lip of the base. The theory is that the lack of downward pressure allows the plate more freedom of movement towards the center whilst still retaining an even pressure around the edge of the board
--- End quote ---

The group buy will launch on 15th April and the kit will be priced at $325 US excluding sales/import tax and shipping. A kit includes: 1 x top, 1 x bottom, 1 x plate, and 1 PCB. The angle of the case is 6į. It includes a custom PCB designed by me that supports ISO/ANSI layouts with a 7u(Tsangan) bottom row only, this will be matte black. The case also supports any standard 60% PCB with a type-c usb port. Mini will likely also work but it depends on the cable. I have tested it with a hotswap PCB and it held fine but I am not a particularly heavy typist so your mileage might vary.

Top is available in MX HHKB, WKL, or Standard
Case is available in Aluminium in 3 colours: Black, Dark Blue & e-white
Base will be available in either Black or to match your top colour.
Plate will be available in ISO/ANSI half or full layout with 7U bottom row only in 3 materials: PP (Polypropylene, White), PC (Polycarbonate, media blasted clear), Nylon (Black). If the ISO numbers stay low we might have to restrict the material to ensure we hit a suitable price.

Here is a list of the retailers with their respective prices and regions. I will update this with links to the product page as soon as I have them. The group buy will launch on the 15th April and remain open until the end of day May 1st.

CannonKeys is sold out of the 150 units, NA buyers can still purchase from the other vendors.

Please make sure that you only fill out the form respective to your vendor

RegionRetailer & LinkRegional priceNotesEuropemykeyboard.euÄ360 (Inc. VAT)Non-EU Order formNACannonKeys$325Limited to 150 total units. SOLD OUTOCEDaily Clack$506AUD (inc GST)SEAiLumkbSGD$464If purchasing a case you must also puchase a PCB and Plate, orders without this will be cancelled   

Extras pricing:
Additional Top: $140
Additional PCBs: $35
Additional Plates: $45

The MOQ for the GB is 150 units for this pricing. 

Due to the current global situation itís hard to nail down an exact timeline estimate but conservative projections should put us 3-4 months out from the close of the GB for shipping. So we should be shipping in August-September, I will try to ensure we keep this thread as the source for updates but will make sure the information is available elsewhere.

Plate files are available in my github plate repository.

If you have any questions or comments about the case/pcb/buy structure please ask here or by any of these contact methods:  Reddit, Geekhack, email, discord.

Here is an album of images

here are some soundtests/typing videos of R1/Original proto

Koen on youtube
Koen on youtube
TopClack on youtube
invis on youtube
invis on
Aly on youtube
Chris on youtube

Thank you for your time



Won't the plate fall out?

The plate does sit loose in the assembly and if you pick it up and shake it then it will rattle but there's not enough room for it to fall off, in typing this doesn't happen.

What is pin mount? Have there been any other boards that use this mounting style?

there is no pressure from the top half of the case on the plate. There are 4 pins in the corners of the base that hold the plate in place and it rests on the lip of the base. The theory is that the lack of downward pressure allows the plate more freedom of movement towards the center whilst still retaining an even pressure around the edge of the board. To my knowledge, this is the first keyboard to use it.

Which plate material is the best?

In my opinion there is no wrong choice, the plates on offer are my opinion for the plates that work well with this construction. I have used all of them and enjoy all of them. If you want a short recommendation then I think a full PP plate offers the most unique experience without the drawbacks of Nylon.

Why is the nylon bending the assembly?

Nylon shrinks over time. Due to this it will look to contract the assembly. I have used a nylon plate in my private buy prophet for close to a year with no issues, I have also built with it more recently and, whilst frustrating to build with, it works just fine as soon as it's mounted. If you are concerned about this I'd recommend choosing PP over this.

How much does the keyboard weigh?
The weight of the keyboard built is around 1.1kg (2.5lbs)


i'm so hyped. give me some delicious plastic plate goodness

i was waiting for this!

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Donít get me wrong, that case is really nice,
but Iím far more interested in getting my hands on some of those PCBs

**** YEAH!


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