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IBM M15 - Split ergonomic

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As people get accustomed to them being expensive, people will churn out more for them. There was a time where they peaked out at $300. Then it went up to around $500. Now we're seeing them consistently go for over $600. They'll be selling for a grand sooner or later.

All for a Model M2 chopped in half...

It's a tenkeyless, and it has lots of options for adjustments.
Because it is made of two halves, means most likely that it also has one controller in each half.

This keyboard goes on my "cool keyboards" list.

it's awesome. I don't expect to be able to afford it after the 6+ days are up though :(

Just two bids and it's at $102.50

Really it's nothing special. The keys are lower than usual, the braces are kind of made cheaply (plastic instead of metal bars; even my chicony rubber dome uses metal bars), and it's far too overpriced.

A Model F15 split ergonomic (with NORMAL keys instead of low stupid ones); now THAT would be amazing.


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