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[GB] GMK Soyamilk | October 1 - November 1 | GB OVER Update 1

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Best of luck as you head down the home stretch!


Edit: revised scale for better comparison


--- Quote from: break on Tue, 26 October 2021, 11:06:43 ---Best of luck as you head down the home stretch!

--- End quote ---

Thanks Break! Your blessing and continued support for our set has helped us a lot as we went through this groupbuy!


Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your ongoing support :) We have managed to raise a sizeable chunk to charity and we are super excited to see it go to many many people that will benefit greatly from your support. Also just dropping in to say THIS IS THE LAST DAY FOR THIS GB! Its been a crazy ride and we just wanted to thank you and join you in the coming long wait <3


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