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[GB] GMK Soyamilk | October 1 - November 1 | GB OVER Update 1

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Hi Everyone, just wanted to say thank you for your support in the first week, the team is blown away and are excited to see that you are all excited for the set like us. Let us begin the second week of group buy!

Also, thank you so much dvorcal for your work, you truly are an asset and wonderful member of the community :)

Hi everyone! The raffle for the IV Works Av3x Soyamilk keyboard is now live! For more details and the raffle form, please jump into the IV Works Discord server!

Multiple entries are available for answering trivia questions and providing proof of purchase of GMK Soyamilk from your favourite vendor!


Hi All,

There's a little under 2 weeks remaining in our group buy!
A huge thank you to all who have supported our project or given us encouragement and advice!
We are pleased to announce that we are over 75% of our MOQ for our basekit, and we are confident that the project will be fulfilled.
This is our first group buy, and it has been a huge learning curve, but we have enjoyed every minute of it so far!


P.S. 40s users who desperately wanted 40s kits in our IC wya? pls buy the extensions kit or it'll die kthxbai

Hi Everyone!

There is one week left in our group buy!

As the window closes on the group buy, we would like to extend our eternal gratitude to everyone who has purchased the set.
Our numbers are looking good and we are confident that we will hit MOQ and see this project become a reality!

Thank you all for your support for the project from the beginning, it really means a lot to us.



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