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[GB] DCS Paperwork | Live Oct. 11 - Nov. 12

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Davis here! Owner of FINALLY! WE MADE IT. DCS Paperwork Goes Live October 11th 2021!!! I won't make this long, you know why you came! All the details are below! Check out the IC if you want back story.

Special Thanks to: Evangs (Designer), Dededecline (kitting), Pwade (renders), Lizcuits, Acitrin, 3DKeebs Discord, Enablers, 40s Gang ALL YALLL. THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE w/o YALL. <3

The Facts

* GB Live 10/11/2021 - 11/12/2021
* Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
* Shipping ETA: Late Q1 2022
* Profile: DCS 1-1-2-3-4-4
* Double-shot ABS
* SP Stock colors:  GG, GKH, GTR, RDA, RCJ, YBP, YCE, RCR, RCS, BDG, BFQ, VBQ, and VAT
* Space Bars under 6U will be concave
* GB Updates: 3DKeebs Discord | 3DKeebs Instagram OH LOOK A 40s KEEB DESKMAT TOO!!!!


* Canada:
* Mexico:
* UK:
* EU:
* Asia:
* OCEA: Switchkeys
Pricing (USD)
Check regional vendors for localized pricing

* Base: $125
* Numbers: $30
* Bars: $35
* Dark Alphas: $35
* Accents & Extensions: $50
* Ergo: $60
Pretty Pictures

IRL Samples

Board Renders


5/3/2022 - First off, apologies for the lack of updates on the geekhack side of things! The last update I received from SP, on 3/30, was that they were short on materials and did not have an ETA at the time. I'll be reaching out this week to see if there have been any changes.

 2/7/2022 Been emailing back n forth with the SP Queen, production is about to commence ETA for shipping is going to be mid to late Q2 of 2022.

10/14/2021: Updated base with 1.5u R4 Bottom Row control modifier, Bars Kitting Change: Thanks to Aiwanei owner of Thockeys, we realized that SP's 6u spacebar is not compatible with standard 6u stabilizers. Long story short the mounting stems are more narrow. So we are dropping 6u Spacebar.

10/13/2021: Corrected Base Layout Render Uploaded - removed the extra 2.25u spacebar in base

10/13/2021: Updated store links for all vendors

love it! GLWGB!

Cool colors! And DCS 👍

Let's go!  :thumb:


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