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[GB] DCS Paperwork | Live Oct. 11 - Nov. 12

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I was sold since the IC was announced! Purchased my base kit! Can't wait for the set to arrive!


--- Quote from: Krastoff on Tue, 12 October 2021, 05:30:15 ---I'm interested, but I'd like to hear some more thoughts on how DCS profile compares to other profiles these days? From what I've read, my impression is DCS is "similar to Cherry profile with thinner walls and more aggressive bottom row sculpting". Is this still accurate nowadays?

Btw, the link to zfrontier isn't working. I can find Paperwork on its chinese site but not the english one.

--- End quote ---

As one who loves GMK, DCS is a pleasure. I have DCS muted Sleeper on a Prophet and it sounds amazing, of course there are other factors to that. DCS sits slightly lower than GMK and texture on top is rougher and slower to shine

I'll update thay zfrontier link asap

Render on the bacca showed both sides of the r4 mods being grey but after reviewing the kitting a couple of times it seems to be impossible?

what it looked like on the IC page:

what it looks like on the actual GB page:


Not sure why they are changed to icons from IC to GB, but I also prefer the text.


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